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SmartMapping: Your essential tool for in-field situational awareness.

Locate and connect with other first responders, right from the screen of your APX NEXT™ radio.

Empower your public safety teams to collaborate and coordinate better. Find your location. Find other first responders, view their status, and tap to communicate.

Always in the picture

Your first responders can't lose track of the big picture: their safety depends on it. But in the heat of an incident, they can get disoriented and lose sight of the team. That's where SmartMapping can help.

Increase awareness

Allow your first responders to see the big picture, with a clear location map of the situation, right on their radios.

Enhance teamwork

Empower your teams to communicate and coordinate better, even in the chaos of an emergency situation

Improve security

Upgrade from consumer-grade mapping. Invest in a mission-critical application, integrated into your public safety radio system.

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47% of agencies want technology to improve situational awareness.* Are your officers equipped?


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