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Don't Just Change the NSRS System; Improve It

When surveyed, NSRS System users ranked their dissatisfaction.

Source: Federal Engineering, Nevada Shared Radio System Existing System Analysis and P25 System Requirements Report, May 12, 2017


need improved mobile radio coverage


rate communication methods as adequate or below


report capacity as adequate or below


need improved portable radio coverage on the street and in buildings


do not know all the system features available – a testament to insufficient support

Be a force against the forces of nature

Every 10 years, a 6.0 - 7.0 magnitude earthquake occurs.

2008 Wells Earthquake – $9M in Damages

24 creeks, drainages and valleys with flash flood history

1997 Flood of Truckee River – $450M in Damages

2017 winter storm

Governor declares state of emergency.

Coverage shouldn't be left to chance

Blanket Nevada with a complete radio communication system from state highways to city buildings and streets, from mountain ranges to deserts and rural towns.

Connect to others to quicken response

Handle day-to-day tasks and emergencies faster; connect instantly and seamlessly across multiple agencies, jurisdictions and Nevada Energy personnel.

Best functionality at the best price

Why pay more for less? Motorola Solutions offers the highest network capabilities at the lowest cost to Nevada taxpayers.

Eliminate risk with P25 expertise

Discover why so many agencies and organizations have switched to Motorola Solutions.

Move from uncertain to unwavering coverage

Every mission relies on communication. With Motorola Solution’s ASTRO® 25, it’s assured, even in areas that currently pose a problem. From state highways to vast remote terrain and rural countryside, ASTRO 25 widens coverage outside and inside buildings and cities, thanks to a strategic design that guarantees strong, steadfast communication.

Connect efficiency with robustness

Maximize coverage and minimize expenditure with our thorough plan that balances cost against benefit. Using our expertise, Nevada can fully leverage existing infrastructure and strategically place sites to optimize coverage in interiors, urban streets and remote stretches of highway. What’s more, our design eliminates extraneous equipment – streamlining expense and maintenance.


With the State’s population increasing at 1.5% annually, Nevada is faced with the challenge of expanding energy and transportation infrastructure. Motorola Solutions can help. Our plan ensures the utmost coverage in areas crucial for keeping the power flowing and the traffic moving. Consider it just one example of our deep commitment to Nevada and its citizens.

Experience always-available communication

Earthquakes, floods, and winter storms can bring day-to-day life to a grinding halt, but won’t stop ASTRO 25. That’s because ASTRO 25 is built with eight levels of redundancy and numerous fallback modes to protect against disruptions, even in the event of multiple points of failure.

Be ready for growth from day one

Unlike rigid alternatives, ASTRO 25 is modular and scalable by design. As a software-defined platform, it gives Nevada the freedom to deploy the right-sized system today, and grow with ease tomorrow. No need to rip and replace legacy infrastructure. ASTRO 25 integrates with conventional analog, as well as present and future third-party solutions. Scale as needed from a single site to multiple ones. ASTRO 25 can expand to handle the load of large-scale incidents, ensuring every call gets through during peak demand.

Get portable coverage in a mobile-only area

Give users the flexibility of communicating on their portable radios in mobile-only coverage zones. It’s possible with Motorola Solutions’ VRX1000 Vehicle Radio Extender. Made compact for easy installation in patrol cars and utility trucks, the VRX1000 improves portable radio coverage while keeping users connected to conventional or trunked networks.

Eliminate silos for seamless communication

Forgo the barriers synonymous with separate, proprietary systems. ASTRO 25 offers one, common platform for local law enforcement, Fire, EMS and public works and utilities to directly operate and collaborate with each other.

Extend communication boundaries

First responders from different departments and jurisdictions often work together to manage big events and emergencies. Shouldn’t their radios do the same? With ASTRO 25, Nevada will be ready to coordinate multi-agency response. No need to set up cross band repeaters. ASTRO 25 offers interoperability across different frequency bands and systems, such as analog, mixed mode or IP digital channels.

Share critical information

Staying safe means staying informed, and today, that requires more than sharing voice communications. Data is a must. With ASTRO 25, Nevada can relay intelligence to P25 radios and broadband devices across applications, enhancing safety with location data, text messages, database queries, identity and more.

Support technology from multiple manufacturers

Because ASTRO 25 is certified APCO Project 25 compliant, it can connect to and work with other P25 compliant systems, radios and dispatch consoles. This makes it easier for the State to support radios and equipment from other agencies, regardless of manufacturer. The result? Easier interoperability for mutual aid and joint operations.


By choosing Motorola Solutions, you gain a superior system from the company with a singular focus. Last year alone, we invested $387M in public safety. Nevada will find that our commitment to security and stability is unwavering.

Low Cost

Low Cost

Having an extraordinary system, however, need not come at an exorbitant cost. With Motorola Solutions, the State can benefit from an incredibly low price point that taxpayers will appreciate.

  • Reduce capital expenditure by leveraging existing infrastructure
  • Forgo unnecessary costs by eliminating unnecessary equipment
  • Offset expenses by offering paid subscriptions to other end-users
  • Lower labor and travel expenses with our local support

Grow at your own pace

Nevada can decide when to add new radios, consoles, sites and data applications. This gradual technology refresh is easier on the State’s budget, as well as departments. With ASTRO 25, agencies and organizations can gradually rollout new features and training for users.

Low Cost

Low Cost

Scale up the network and Scale down costs

Adaptable and affordable, ASTRO 25’s platform can be tailored to meet Nevada’s needs. That translates into savings, as there is less hardware to buy and maintain and less space and electricity needed to run the system. The software-based nature of ASTRO 25 makes it easy to manage via a centralized, single point of contact and reduces the time and skills needed for updates. From one channel to hundreds, a voice-only site to full capabilities, the choice is up to the State. This modular network is designed to give Nevada flexibility, making it perfect for long term use.

Alternative management at manageable monthly fees

Nevada has expressed a desire to self-maintain the network after its warranty. If that should become onerous, we have the solution. For a predictable, monthly fee calculated on a per-user basis, we can offer complete provision and management of the system and do so as a service.

Low Cost

Public safety relies on real-time data

How do you make a voice communications network more powerful? Add real-time data. With the ASTRO 25 platform, the State has three options: ASTRO 25 Integrated Data, Enhanced Data and High Performance Data (HPD). Nevada can start with voice and then quickly add Integrated Data. For operationally efficiency, it’s easy to upgrade to Enhanced Data or HPD when faster connectivity is needed to support data-intensive applications. All three share the same core equipment, site locations, backhaul and personnel. Flexible designs mean that Enhanced Data can be added to Integrated Data through a simple software upgrade; an ASTRO 25 system can first be installed and then an HPD overlay be added, or the ASTRO 25 HPD system can be installed first and P25 voice and data capability be added later.

Integrated data

Integrated Data is a cost-effective means to streamline administrative tasks and put more apps in the hands of Nevada radio users. Subscribers can share such information as text messages, GPS location, fire state alerts, BOLOs and database queries. Integrated Data also makes fleet management easier with Over the Air Rekeying (OTAR) and Programming (OTAP). The former enables the quick change and management of encryption keys over the air, while the latter reprograms radios remotely -- eliminating the need and disruption of bringing them into a service shop. Integrated Data coexists with voice traffic over the same radio frequencies, always giving priority to voice over data.

Enhanced data

With a software installation, Enhanced Data can be added, improving data channel efficiency and supporting denser network traffic. Track large numbers of Motorola Solutions GPS equipped portable and mobile two-way radios. Notify personnel with text messages when entering and exiting designated areas, via Automatic Vehicle Location and GeoFence apps, and keep track of fleets and staff. Telemetry updates help ensure safety, health and maintenance with insights that can lead to faster, safer decision-making.

High performance data

When higher bandwidth is needed, HPD is the answer. It runs on vehicle-mounted computers and uses dedicated channels to provide maximum capacity without compromising voice communications. Users in the field can directly access databases, including warrants, arrest records and DMV records. They can also capture fingerprints, access internet databases and match the prints using a mobile ID application.

ASTRO 25 Integrated Data

12.5 kHz

VHF/UHF/700/800/900 MHz
  • BOLOs
  • Dispatch notifications
  • Dispatch queries
  • Encryption and Over-the-Air Rekeying
  • Fire Station Alerting
  • Outdoor Location Tracking*
  • POP25 Over-the-Air Radio Programming
  • Text Messaging
  • Vehicle Sensor and Telemetry*
  • Third-party API and outdoor location*

ASTRO 25 Enhanced Data

12.5 kHz

VHF/UHF/700/800/900 MHz
  • Outdoor Location Tracking
  • Vehicle Sensor and Telemetry
  • Third-party Application Program Interface and Outdoor Location


25 kHz

700/800/900 MHz
  • Location Tracking
  • Messaging
  • PremierOne™ CSR
  • PremierOne™ Mobile
  • Third-party Application Program Interface (API):
    - Web based browsing – Internet/Extranet
    - Photos, maps, still images
    - Fingerprints and mug shots
    - Field reporting, vehicle location, CAD dispatch
    - Filing administrative reports from the field

Meet the demand for data

Source: 2016 Law Enforcement Survey Report, Motorola Solutions


of surveyed law enforcement expect data to always be available


want more photos


want more video


want past incident data


want outstanding warrants

Supporting Nevada is Close to Home For Us

Count on our local presence to facilitate the implementation and ongoing support of the NSRS Replacement Project. In Nevada, we employ 18 direct personnel among our land mobile radio and public safety applications business units, including systems engineers, project managers, field service technicians, customer support managers and account managers. Add to that our Nevada partners who will take a hands-on approach to overseeing every phase.


Trust the experts with a long history as a complete systems integrator. For decades, we have successfully deployed statewide networks, for which we were responsible for site development, tower and shelter construction, equipment manufacturing, installation, optimization and acceptance testing.

Count on Motorola Solutions for the most efficient migration plan that results in the lowest possible impact to end-users. Our highly-experienced professionals will build, set up and thoroughly test the State’s system, vetting every step with the Members. When ready, the cutover will be seamless and swift, with a minimal disruption of only a few minutes.

Choose the name that put public safety on the map

With more than 500 ASTRO 25 trunked systems and thousands of conventional sites deployed, two million users rely on Motorola Solutions for daily communications and emergency response in the most demanding situations. As broadband changes the landscape of public safety communications, Nevada will be ready. ASTRO 25’s convergence of P25 voice and LTE data services, along with our leadership, will ensure the State’s users have the intelligence they need to keep communities safe and prosperous.



Global leader in public safety standards-based systems


Countries with standards-based public safety systems


Country-wide systems globally


P25 radios shipped


P25 trunked systems in 34 countries


Standards-based public safety networks



of the 41 U.S. statewide systems


of states with P25 systems have ASTRO 25


P25 trunked systems in North America


P25 trunked systems in 34 countries


Service provider locations

Make nevada’s vision a reality

Now is the time to seize the opportunity for vast improvement. With Motorola Solutions, Nevada can widen its coverage to eliminate dead zones, increase capacity to grow its community and prepare for tomorrow with a future-ready platform – all at a remarkably affordable price.

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