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10-21 Police Phone

10-21 Police Phone

Make free calls to citizens that get answered with 10-21 Police Phone. Calls are made from a local–not blocked–number to increase answer rate while protecting your personal number.

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Make calls that actually get answered

When you need to call community members what do you do? If your agency can’t afford to issue department phones, you have no choice but to give out your personal phone number. And if you block your number, the chances of the call getting answered drops. 10-21 Police Phone was created to help.

Protect your privacy

Protect your privacy

Make calls to citizens from a local number–not your own. Store call details in the cloud to protect your phone from being discoverable.

Improve answer rates

Improve answer rates

Calls from local, unblocked numbers are more likely to be answered the first time. Cut down your chances of going to voicemail.

Unplug when off duty

Unplug when off duty

Automatically route citizens to a non-emergency number for assistance or call back at your convenience when you’re on the clock.

Maximize the potential of your app

The 10-21 Police Phone mobile app is free to download and start using immediately. If you upgrade to Premium, you’ll unlock features that improve call answer rates and retain records of interactions with citizens.

Follow Up Message

If your call gets declined or goes to voicemail send a text that identifies you as law enforcement giving citizens an easy way to request a call back.

Outbound Caller ID

Prevent citizens from assuming your call is spam with Law Enforcement Caller ID. Officers also have the option to turn ID off or on as they see fit.

Citizen Caller ID

See who is calling you before you pick up. If your citizen’s caller ID data is available, it will display when the call comes in.

Record Retention

Access your full call history. Look back through your entire call log to verify contact with citizens or access numbers you would have lost.

Download the free 10-21 Police Phone app

10-21 Police Phone is available to law enforcement free of charge. Download the app and start making calls to citizens today. Upgrade to Premium for only $4.99/month and enjoy additional features.

Download the app

Download 10-21 Police Phone for free from the App Store or Google Play.

Launch the app

Launch the 10-21 Police Phone app and select Request an Account.

Request account

Enter your law enforcement email address, then tap Request an Account.

Download the free 10-21 Police Phone app

Find it on Google Play or the App Store

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