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About Motorola Solutions Licensing

Motorola Solutions serves both enterprise and government customers with core markets in public safety government agencies and commercial enterprises. Our leadership in these areas includes public safety communications from infrastructure to applications and devices such as radios as well as task-specific mobile computing devices for enterprises. We produce advanced data capture devices such as barcode scanners and RFID (radio-frequency identification) products for business. We make professional and commercial two-way radios for a variety of markets, and we also bring unlicensed wireless broadband capabilities and wireless local area networks – or WLAN – to retail enterprises.

Our products and solutions are supported by a broad portfolio of patents that can be licensed to manufacturers throughout the world. With our commitment to R&D, the Motorola Solutions’ patent portfolio has grown to more than 3,100 granted patents, along with 2,500 pending patent applications. This expansive patent portfolio helps us to meet our business objectives and enables us to participate – often in leadership roles – with more than 100 communications standards bodies around the world, including ETSI and TIA.

Motorola Solutions' licensing practice supports both standards-based licensing and proprietary technology licensing programs. Our well-established standards-based licensing programs provide reassurance to prospective licensees and end-users that Motorola Solutions' essential technology used in their standards-compliant products will be available on terms that are fair, reasonable and nondiscriminatory. Our proprietary technology licensing programs are customized on a product and market basis, and may include some form of technology transfer or support services.

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