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Get the simplicity of one development environment for all mobile platforms with RhoStudio, a component of RhoMobile Suite. This complementary and powerful Eclipse plug-in allows you to use a single computer to quickly develop, debug and test a single RhoElements or Rhodes application — no more emulators or hardware platforms to purchase and manage. Instead, simulating a platform is as easy as selecting an operating system from a drop down box — including Android and Apple iOS as well as Windows Embedded Handheld, Windows CE and Windows Phone 8.

For tutorials and reference information, please visit RhoMobile Suite documentation center. To engage with, and become part of our developer community, visit Motorola LaunchPad.

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Features and Benefits

Faster cross-platform application development

A fully-featured simulator allows you to test and debug cross-platform applications on one computer in a matter of seconds – just as if it were running on a native platform. Simulation has never been easier. Just select the operating system from a dropdown box – including Apple iOS, Blackbery and Android.

Improve developer productivity

With RhoStudio, you can completely focus your attention on the development of application features – instead of wasting time learning and managing different platforms. You no longer need to install different Software Development Kits (SDKs) or develop, test, debug and maintain separate application versions on different computers. And since you only need to create code for one version of an application, the opportunity for coding errors is reduced.

Reduce hardware costs

Since all development is done on one computer, RhoStudio greatly reduces the volume and cost of hardware typically required to develop applications for multiple platforms. You no longer need to purchase, support and maintain different hardware platforms for testing – such as a PC for Windows-based devices and an Apple computer for iOS-compatible applications.

Easier integration

Typically, application integration requires a completely different set of tools than those utilized to build an application – resulting in the need to purchase, learn and manage more tools. But with RhoStudio, you get one tool simplicity. With this single tool, you can create your entire solutions – from application development to application integration – making the creation of source adapters easier than ever.


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