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With RhoElements, part of RhoMobile Suite, it's easy to develop a single application that can run on the broadest array of operating systems, from Android and Apple iOS to Windows Embedded Handheld, Windows CE and Windows Phone 8. Whether your applications are simple or complex, they can run online and offline, and are easy to scale and easy to maintain. And with a true blank slate you can deploy native applications on any mobile device — regardless of whether they are consumer apps created with Rhodes or enterprise apps created with RhoElements.

For tutorials and reference information, please visit RhoMobile Suite documentation center. To engage with, and become part of our developer community, visit Motorola LaunchPad.

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Features and Benefits

Reduce Costs

RhoElements applications are operating system- and hardware-agnostic, so you only need one skill set -- HTML5. With only one version of an application to write, you can focus your time and money on building the best application possible.

Completely Control Look and Feel

RhoElements applications are free from the limitations that operating systems place on user interface (UI) design. With a true blank slate, you can easily create business aplications that are every bit as elegant looking and intuitive as consumer applications.

Leverage All Device Features

RhoElements provides a set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that allow you to easily incorporate any function present on any mobile device into your applications — regardless of whether that function is native to the device or provided through an add-on accessory.

Get Online and Offline Support

With RhoElements, you can deploy both hybrid and native HTML5 applications on any mobile device. In addition, with the ability to store data locally on the mobile device and the introduction of RhoConnect, working offline has never been easier.

Enterprise-class Services

With Motorola Solutions'™ services, you can confidently choose RhoElements to simplify the development of applications that run on multiple platforms.

New in 4.0

  • One API for both consumer and industrial devices for true write one, run anywhere device integration
  • JavaScript and Ruby can now be utilized for all app features; also supports Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Support for Windows Phone 8
  • Supports several new Motorola Mobile Computers (see specifications tab for more detail)


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