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Part of RhoMobile Suite, RhoConnect takes the pain out of the most time-consuming application development task — creating the connections to backend data sources. Now, it’s easy to connect your app to one or more data sources. And since the data is always resident on the mobile device, apps are extremely responsive — and data is available, regardless of whether users are online or offline.

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Features and Benefits

Improve data synchronization

A sophisticated synchronization engine tracks the data that is on each device when users are offline, automatically identifying and synchronizing only the data that has changed on both mobile devices and backend application servers — instead of entire databases. The synchronization is completely transparent to users and minimal data is exchanged during sync activities, protecting the performance of the application, the mobile device and the wireless network.

Zero-touch integration

Simply add RhoConnect plug-ins to your Ruby on Rails, .NET or Java application and RhoConnect does the rest. The plug-ins have the intelligence needed to make the appropriate data connections — zero touch required.

Manage backend changes

RhoConnect's Metadata framework allows new information to be added to any backend business application — without requiring you to modify your RhoElements applications. The next time a data sync is performed, any new fields will automatically appear in the correct application. Not only do you save on development time, but a change in a backend system will not cause RhoElements applications to malfunction, protecting application performance.

Fast and easy scaling

RhoConnect is the first mobile integration server to use the modern "NoSQL" approach to data storage instead of the typical relational database. So as the volume of data in your business systems grows, instead of scaling up by purchasing faster servers and more memory, you can simply scale "out" by storing data in the available space on the many servers deployed throughout the company — no matter where in the world they are located


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