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FX7400 Fixed RFID Reader


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Easy to deploy, use, and manage, Motorola’s high performance FX7400 series of fixed RFID readers is ideally suited for global enterprise RFID deployment in space-constrained, customer-facing environments. It boasts a compact design married with a set of highly integrated, enterprise features including: auto-discovery and application-specific set-up for ease of installation; power over Ethernet (POE) to eliminate the need for costly power drops; and advanced features for secure data transmission. This unique combination makes the FX7400 series of RFID readers particularly well-suited for retail inventory and enterprise asset management applications in any environment where RFID deployment requires a small footprint.

Features and Benefits

Highly integrated features, including PoE, GPIO and management software
Provides a low cost per read point — and a superior TCO

EAHS (Environmental Air Handling Space)
Approved and suitable for plenum areas - operation within walls and ceilings

2-port and 4-port reader configurations
Provides application flexibility and optimal investment

Open standards-based architecture:

  • EPC standards-based defined reader management
  • Auto-discovery
  • Flexible firmware upgrade features
  • Showcase II management tool

Enables seamless integration with existing IT environments as well as remote and centralized management, while simplifying and reducing the cost of set-up, deployment, testing and management

Next generation reader platform, including dense reader mode support
Best-in-class read rates deliver superior read performance

Microsoft Windows® CE 5.0 direct application hosting; 64 MB RAM/64 MB Flash
Enables easy integration of a wide range of third-party applications to maximize operational efficiency; enables upgrading to meet future requirements; maximizes product lifespan; provides outstanding investment protection

EPC Global LLRP and RM interface support; comprehensive API support—.NET, C and Java
Simplifies application development.


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