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CENTRACOM Elite Dispatch Control Center (Discontinued)


  • CENTRACOM Gold Elite

Take your operation to the next level with a CENTRACOMTM Elite advanced dispatch control center. It's fast and powerful, yet especially simple to learn and use.

With benefits that range from more effective communications to customized convenience and improved security, it's no wonder that CENTRACOM Elite is the brain of your operation. This software-based radio dispatch control center features an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) that runs on a Microsoft® Windows NT operating system.

Features and Benefits

Local Area Network (LAN)
LAN allows you to assign specific folders and resources to specific dispatch positions. More importantly, you can customize each dispatcher's level of control with password protection.

Console Interface Electronics (CIE)
CIE allows dispatchers to hear radio and telephone calls clearly through its front speakers. This makes for exceptionally clear radio and telephone reception allowing easier response to field personnel. CENTRACOM Elite includes an enhanced audio package that can route audio to select and unselect speakers. It also allows for the connection of accessories such as a footswitch and headset.

Alias Database Manager (ADM)
ADM allows thousands of "alias" names to be stored in the system for radio IDs and telephone numbers. Depending on your radio system, dispatchers can see information on who is calling, time and call type/status. Callers are identified by real names- not IDs.

Transit mode select
Identifies whether a transmission is encrypted to curtail eavesdropping by unintended listeners. The dispatcher can change the encoding and encryption mode so the message reaches only the intended radio users.

Application Programming Interface
Offers greater flexibility in its ability to enhance Motorola's standard system design. System designers can integrate third party applications to create customized user interface presentations for the console system, or design a gateway application with route console commands and provide status to and from a third party application.

CENTRACOM Gold Series console compatibility
Makes upgrading to Elite's advanced technology simple.

High fault tolerance
No single point of failure will result in the loss of more than one dispatch position or radio channel. The dispatch position personality information is downloaded from the server's master database to dispatch positions over the LAN.

Diverse network availability
CENTRACOM Elite Console is available on digital, analog, conventional, trunking, encryption, 911, paging and telephone communication networks.


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