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WatchGuard 4RE In-Car System

Experience the most trusted in-car video system for law enforcement.


Automatic License Plate Recognition

Get real-time actionable intelligence whenever you make a traffic stop.


Stay focused on the situation, with a compact and unobtrusive in-car camera.

There are enough driver distractions already. Make sure your officers don’t have to look past their dashcam to see the road ahead. The 4RE zero sightline (ZSL) camera mounts discreetly between the windshield and rear-view mirror to leave your forward vision completely unobscured. Its ultra-wide dynamic range technology dramatically improves camera performance in low light conditions.

What's inside

Compact and easy to install

Compact and easy to install

No obstructions to driver’s sightline

No obstructions to driver’s sightline

UWDR video technology

Ultra-wide dynamic range video technology

Auto-adjustment for day/night

Automatic adjustment for low light levels

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Product information

WatchGuard 4RE Specifications

WatchGuard 4RE Specifications

Detailed information on the 4RE in-car video system

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