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WatchGuard 4RE In-Car System

Experience the most trusted in-car video system for law enforcement.


Mini Zoom Camera

Capture every detail, with a 12X zoom and ultra-wide dynamic range.


Automatic License Plate Recognition

Get real-time actionable intelligence whenever you make a traffic stop.


Get a broader overview.

It’s vital that you capture the big picture. The panoramic X2 camera dramatically expands the coverage of your WatchGuard 4RE in-car video system, by combining a steerable turret camera with an HD panoramic video camera, all in one compact, rugged housing. Now you can get full coverage without losing any of the details.

What's inside

Panoramic camera

1280x240 panoramic video camera, for wide coverage

Steerable camera

1280x720 steerable camera, for targeted coverage

Smart recording

Panoramic video uploaded only when necessary

Discreet installation

Low impact on sight-line: Only turret is exposed

Compatible products


Product information

Multi-angle Demonstration Video

Synchronized in-car, panoramic and body-camera footage

Comparative Demonstration Video

Video showing the difference between standard and panoramic cameras

WatchGuard 4RE Specifications

WatchGuard 4RE Specifications

Detailed information on the 4RE in-car video system

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