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Data and Communications Solutions for Business

Data Is Nothing Without People To Interpret and Communicate It.

Motorola Solutions and EY Sweeney conducted research into the ‘big data’ needs and challenges of IT leaders in Australia and New Zealand. What we discovered was that there is no single dominant big data challenge, rather a range of difficulties that IT leaders face when seeking to extract value from the many data sources that exist in their business.

From the overwhelming scale of data being produced, to uncertainty around the value of Business Intelligence platforms, to the ever-shrinking window of opportunity for new IT systems to prove their worth, IT leaders in Australia and New Zealand face a complex environment when choosing to make investments.

Could a simpler approach be the answer?

Rather than being overwhelmed, the solution lies in “making big data small”: targeting specific information and using it efficiently and effectively – for tangible business outcomes.  Focusing on business objectives and the unique environment and skills of your front-line workers, what are the key pieces of information or automation required to realise safety and productivity gains?

IT leaders who focus their attention on making their workers safer and more productive via intelligent data-driven communications, hold the key to unlocking the power of data to transform their business.

Get more of the research and insights in the white paper, ‘Big Data. Is it smaller than you think?’

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