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Two-Way Radio Earpieces and Earsets

Earsets and Earpieces

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  • BDN6780

    Single Earbud with Microphone and Push-To-Talk

  • ENMN4013

    Flexible Ear Receiver (Receive Only)

  • HCLE4070

    Earbud With PTT Microphone

  • PMLN4425

    Earset Boom Microphone With Remote Ring PTT

  • PMLN4444

    Earset with Boom Mic and In-Line PTT/VOX switch (Mag One)

  • PMLN4556

    Earbud with In-Line Mic/PTT/VOX switch (MAG ONE)

  • PMLN4519

    Earbud with combine Mic/PTT

  • PMLN4557

    Ear Receiver with In-Line Mic/PTT/VOX switch (MAG ONE)

  • PMLN4658

    D-hook Earset with flexible microphone tube

  • PMLN4657

    D-Style Earset With Boom Microphone Tube (Mini Processional Radio series)

  • PMLN5001

    D-style earset with combined microphone/in-line PTT (Dual pin)

  • PMLN5002

    D-Style Earpiece with Mic/PTT (GP328+ Professional Radios)

  • PMLN5140

    D-Shell (large) receive-only earpiece

  • PMLN5096

    D-Shell earset with Boom Microphone

  • PMLN5147

    D-Shell (small) receive-only earpiece