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Unify task management, searching and event reporting with Android and iOS apps that integrate with your systems and align to your workflows.

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Put the back office on the front lines. Your way.

Extending data and workflows to the field with Android and iOS apps on phones and tablets is the best way to keep officers productive and communities safe. PSCore ensures your mobile experience is purpose-built for that job, not an afterthought.

tasking icon

Take command of your shift

Respond to emergencies with an added degree of situational awareness thanks to real-time visibility of your patrol area, incidents and other units.

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Search like it’s second nature

Experience a simple, sophisticated search capability that puts a unified view of information as well as actionable insights directly into the palm of your hand.

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Write reports with confidence

Eliminate trips to the station while increasing report accuracy and completeness with completely digitised event forms and workflows defined by you - not us.

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Verify the value for yourself

Track everything from user activity and satisfaction to system performance and usage so you know your agency is getting the most from your investment.

Task. Search. Report. Log.
All thoughtfully combined.

PSCore includes four primary modules - tasking, searching, event reporting and activity logging. Each provides focused, critical functionality with just the right amount of integration to make your job that much easier.

pscore tasking

Manage incidents, review broadcasts, receive patrol directives, respond to critical alerts and see other unit locations - all in a unified, organised display.

pscore search results

Find people, vehicles, organisations or locations across various databases with color-coded risk indicators and linked, easy-to-read entity summaries.

pscore event reporting

Breeze through guided event report creation that features multimedia attachment support and a secure, protected offline mode.

pscore activity log

All in-app user actions during a shift auto-populate a record into your activity log. Also manually create user and resource records for added detail.

Synchronised incident management

View, respond to and manage incidents sent from your agency’s CAD as well as create new incidents that automatically synchronise with your system.

Broadcasts, directives and alerts

Enhance productivity and awareness with patrol tasks and general broadcasts sent by a supervisor or relevant intelligence unit, and alerts from other integrated systems.

Real-time push notifications

Ensure a timely, informed response with notifications that automatically link to the appropriate application screen for users to see new, critical information.

Straight-forward, flexible search

Find people, vehicles, organisations or locations using a single, free-text search bar. A breadth of available search inputs provides natural language-like simplicity.

Color-coded search result indicators

Easily identify potentially dangerous situations with color-coded borders around entities that have alerts or warnings associated with them.

Intelligently linked entity summaries

View details for an entity, organised into an easy-to-read format. Toggle between details sourced from various databases - linked together with a unique identifier.

Guided event report creation

Create a new event from a list of agency- defined types. Capture predetermined data elements with convenient auto-population, drop-downs and search selection.

Multimedia attachment support

Media can be added to events when available to compliment the data captured. This includes photos, video audio and even sketches which can be created in-app.

Secure, protected offline mode

Create draft events with no or limited connectivity that are stored locally and securely. Upon reconnecting simply validate relevant data elements and submit.

In-depth user activity logging

All in-app user actions during a shift auto-populate a record into your activity log. Also manually create user and resource records for added detail.

Comprehensive system auditing

Every request that is sent from PSCore to an integration service generates a system event stored in an audit log that can be forwarded to your audit system.

Usage and performance reporting

Reporting data is stored in PSCore and used for general monitoring purposes. If desired, specific data can be reported in monthly service delivery reports.

Now compatible with Apple CarPlay!

Arrive on-scene safe and informed

Seamlessly rely on turn-by-turn navigation to your incident and receive updates sent directly to your vehicle display.

Take voice commands on the road

Dynamically update your unit status and incident details, as well as conduct searches via in-vehicle voice commands.

pscore carplay

See how the NHVR saves 15 minutes per vehicle intercept with PSCore.

Deployment flexibility to meet your needs

PSCore is offered on-premises, in a private cloud or as a fully managed service in our enterprise cloud environment.


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