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Intelligence meets power

The DSC 8000 is our latest site controller used in ASTRO P25 radio sites. The DSC 8000 can operate under the direction of an ASTRO Core or autonomously to manage the site and site resources by assigning voice and data channels, monitoring alarms and providing a frequency reference to the base stations. The DSC 8000 is equipped with the computing power to enable new and advanced future capabilities.


Flexible and adaptable

With power to spare, the DSC 8000 supports the need for today's ASTRO sites with room to accomodate future feature needs.


Typically deployed in a paired configuration for redundancy, automatic detection and failover capability delivers uninterrupted operation for mission-critical radio service. And when disconnected from the ASTRO Core, the site controller will take over to provide standalone site operation.


A reduced attack surface with data encryption in transit and at rest, thwarts illicit access as well as senstive information. Combined with a secure software development lifecycle with regular patches provides a strong security posture. Using government and industry recommended standards and tools, the DSC 8000 aligns with NIST 800-53.

Service made easy

Minimize downtime and site visits with remote access to fault management data, configuration updates and software upgrades.


Product Information

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