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SCADA Systems for real time remote monitoring and control of your facilities

Motorola ACE3600 and MOSCAD-M are modular, expandable and upgradeable RTUs for Wide Geographical Area SCADA systems and are utilized for water, sewage, electricity distribution, oil and gas pipelines, flood warning, siren control and other industries. Motorola RTUs' unique SCADA-Data communications versatility, reliability and security provide exceptional system architecture flexibility, reliable control and enhanced system performance. Motorola RTUs allow you to build new systems or expand existing ones, using a wide selection of Master Control Center (MCC) which can communicate with remote sites over wires, fiber optics as well as a variety of advanced analog, digital, broadband wireless media and a range of data protocols.

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  • Water Control, Wildfires, Earthquakes and Mountains

    Managing the water supply for a large, geographically diverse county will never be like water flowing off a duck’s back. It’s hard, it’s crucial and it’s multi-faceted.