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IndigoVision Control Center

Effectively manage video, access control and alarms from a single interface


Avigilon Control Center

Enrich your video security system with an AI-enabled user interface


Pelco VideoXpert Enterprise

Control your video and surveillance system with a scalable solution


Reduce incident response times with an intuitive interface that supports your decision-making process

Compass offers an intuitive operational interface that supports the decision-making process of security operators. This helps to provide consistent step-by-step workflows, based on insights from all connected safety and security systems. Including: video management, access control and key management systems, fire and intrusion detection panels, VoIP intercoms, telephony and public address, building automation and management, and IoT devices.


Intuitive platform

Intuitive, easy-to-use unified platform

Clipboard Icon

Automated standard operating procedures (SOPs)

Certification Badge Icon

Automated reports to demonstrate compliance

Key performance indicators

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and reports

System integrity

System integrity & availability checks

Remote tours

Detect incidents with remote tours

Audit trail

Audit trail


Web-based client

Key benefits

Establish Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Easily design and deploy customized SOPs to ensure operators are always guided through each action, for day-to-day operations, technical issues, and critical incidents. Deliver consistent responses across the team and save on precious time, as Compass helps to guide operators throughout the entire incident management process, which helps to significantly reduce human error.

Effortlessly achieve compliance

Compass automatically generates fully auditable incident reports that details every step that each operator took, together with the operators’ comments, snapshots, audio calls, and video clips. Periodic reports are automatically generated and emailed to key stakeholders

Maximize the reliability of your systems

Ensure your security systems remain fully operational, and detect performance bottlenecks and training gaps with automated reports and KPIs. Any technical issue or damaged equipment will trigger alerts, so that incidents can be dealt with immediately by the team following preconfigured SOPs.

Make data-driven decisions

Compass helps you remove subjectivity so that your decision-making is supported by the data and potential risks identified before they become a problem. For example, quickly identify why you are receiving false alarms so that cost-effective solutions can be implemented and wasted hours are minimized.

Prevent incidents with verification routines

Compass remote tours are structured monitoring routines that make operators concentrate on specific areas while asking them the right questions. Remote tours can be configured for specific times or triggered randomly. Use them to check camera image quality, emergency exits, critical equipment, valuable goods, compliance with safety and other guidelines and many more use cases.

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Product information

Compass Solutions Brief

Compass Solutions Brief

Learn about the use cases for Compass Decision Management System

Compass Datasheet

Compass Datasheet

Technical specifications for Compass

Compass Factsheet

Compass Factsheet

Compass key features and benefits

Compass Integration Drivers

Compass Integration Drivers

Drivers supported in Compass

Compass infographic

Compass Infographic

Compass Decision Management System

Accessory information

Compass Server Datasheet

Compass Server Datasheet

Specifications for Compass server

Compass Joystick Datasheet

Compass Joystick Datasheet

Specifications for Compass joystick

Compass Decoder Datasheet

Compass Decoder Datasheet

Specifications for Compass decoder

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