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Logistics worker


Move people and cargo safely, efficiently and on time with seamless logistics communications.

Communications solutions that go the distance

The transportation industry is under an increasing amount of pressure to meet quick turn delivery schedules. Can you keep up with the demand?

Incorporating Intelligence into Rail communications architecture

To deliver on the promise of Intelligent Rail Transportation Solutions, Rail operators need a single, converged communications architecture. find out more in the following whitepaper.

Designing a future-ready, efficient and safe experience for rail commuters

Commuters expect efficiency and safety on long haul or mass rapid transportation. How do Rail operators stay on the right track in this quickly evolving world of connectivity, growing commuter traffic, and security threats?

Resources to work more safely and efficiently

Communication for retailers and the supply chain during COVID-19

Experience seamless logistics communications

Instant, reliable team communications help delivery and logistics businesses streamline operations, control costs and delight customers.

Rail transportation

Whether you are keeping the trains on time or responding to a track incident, a reliable communications network is imperative. Our communication solutions can improve the safety of your employees while complying with regulatory requirements.

Air transportation

Heightened security measures are pressuring airports to move passengers through the terminal and onto their flights in the most efficient way possible. This can be achieved with optimised information flow and resource allocation our solutions provide.

Sea transportation

Precise co-ordination and unwavering safety measures are the foundations for maritime transportation. Everyday operations as well as surges and extreme peak pressure on port operations requires a synchronised workforce, therefore communication is key.

Delivery and logistics

Optimise your vehicle fleet to service the supply chain and ultimately, your customers. Applications that track vehicles and shipments enable more on-time and accurate deliveries. Drivers are safer, costs are lower, and customers are satisfied.

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Featured Items

The ST7000 Small TETRA Radio

Small. Discreet. Sophisticated. The ST7000 addresses the need for an intuitive, easy-to-use digital radio that delivers high quality audio. It's elegant design make it ideal for customer-facing staff.

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The Next Generation MOTOTRBO™

See how closer collaboration, using the latest integrated voice and data communications, can transport operations by enhancing safety, efficiency and productivity.

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Smart Airport Solutions

Sean Fitzgerald gives a brief overview of the operational capabilities that the Motorola Solutions’ SCADA portfolio can achieve in creating a smart airport.

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Service From The Start For MOTOTRBO™ And TETRA Radios

Service from the Start is the industry-leading service offering provided by Motorola to ensure your radios are protected against normal wear and tear, accidental breakage, and more.

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Every Device, Every Network, Every Team, Connected Like Never Before

Demonstrating the benefits of using WAVE Work Group Communications from Motorola Solutions to connect people across multiple enterprise communications systems for increased collaboration and productivity.

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WAVE Mobile Communicator: Broadband Push-To-Talk Anywhere

The WAVE Mobile Communicator turns an Android or Apple smartphone or tablet into a multi-channel push-to-talk handset so that users can securely communicate with any other communication systems over broadband networks.

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VDC Research: Benefits of Selecting Two-Way Radios Over Cell Phones

There is no one-size fits all when it comes to communications solutions. Learn about the role of the two-way radio in your everyday operations.

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Transportation and Logistics Solution Use Case

Keeping your mobile workforce connected is essential to meeting the demands of the industry and to keep them safe on the road.

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Customer Stories

Taiwan High Speed Rail gets up to speed with TETRA

Taiwan High Speed Rail improves productivity and operational efficiency with seamless voice and data services, clear communications even when the train is at top speed, and clear and reliable communications at all times.

Hong Kong International Airport deploys TETRA

Hong Kong International Airport continues to provide passengers with world class service with a reliable, trusted communications platform serving as the backbone of its efficient operations.

Madrid Metro boosts safety and efficiency

Madrid Metro needed to improve information exchange between personnel, improve resource allocation, and help staff be on top of incidents for quick resolution. Find out how choosing Motorola Solutions was the right choice.



TETRA powers Shanghai Metro

Digital communications system introduces cost savings, flexibility and improves productivity, efficiency and responsiveness

First Asia Pacific airport with a TETRA system

Suvarnabhumi Airport gains a considerable operational edge with the first TETRA system in Asia Pacific, with high quality and immediate communications improving dispatch efficiency and reliability anywhere in the airport.

Korean Air goes digital with TETRA

Korean Air improves service delivery, speeds up responses to flight inquiries and greatly reduces human error with a secure digital system that allows flexibility for integrated voice communications and data applications as

Malaysia Express Rail upgrades to TETRA

Malaysia Express Rail enhances passenger safety, improves dispatch efficiency and reliability, and accelerates response time with an end-to-end communications system based on TETRA technology and a CAD system.

Taiwan Rail Administration goes far with TETRA

Taiwan Rail Administration needed to maximize operational efficiency and ensure the safety of their passengers over long distances. Find out how they overcame and excelled with Motorola Solutions’ offerings.

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