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The information below lists customer support for your devices, accessories, systems and networks. If you are interested in purchasing Managed & Support services provided by Motorola Solutions, visit Managed & Support Services.

For General Support

China Netcom: 10-800-744-0584
China Telecom: 10-800-440-0565
China Unicom: 400-882-2023
Hong Kong: 800-903-237
India: 000-800-440-2205
Indonesia: 001-803-44-2142
Japan: 0120187300
Malaysia: 1-800-88-0089
Philippines: 180089086421
Singapore: 1-800-415-5213
South Korea: 080-554-0880
Taiwan: 0-800-666-712
Thailand: 00-1800-441-4465

For India Repair Support

For Australia/New Zealand Repair Support

Motorola Solutions Technical Notifications

Register to receive Motorola Solutions technical notifications.  Notifications will be based on technology ownership, so that you only receive information that is relevant to your operations.  Enquiry and support requests are not handled via MTN Registration. Please obtain support from where you purchased the device.
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