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LTE User Devices

Public Safety LTE will help deliver state-of-the-art solutions to first responders and the communities they serve.

Whether it is high-priority broadband data or streaming real-time video, our growing portfolio of Public Safety LTE infrastructure, devices allows you to make use of this advanced mobile broadband technology. 

How to Buy

  • LEX 755 Mission Critical Handheld

    The LEX 755 delivers mission critical data to enable an intelligence-led response over Public Safety 4G LTE Bands 3, 7 and 20 and 3G around the world.

  • LEX L10i Mission Critical LTE Handheld

    The LEX L10i Mission Critical Handheld delivers intelligent data over Public Safety and Commercial LTE Networks.

  • MW810 Mobile Workstation

    This rugged vehicle-mounted workstation provides reliable and secure wireless connectivity and power for mission critical applications.

  • UM1000 LTE USB Modem

    The UM1000 LTE USB Modem plugs into a device’s USB port, connecting the device to a Public Safety LTE network.

  • VML700 LTE Vehicle Modem

    The VML700 LTE Vehicle Modem connects equipment in a vehicle to a Public Safety LTE network, for broadband connectivity on the road.

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