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CAPE Drone Software CAPE Drone Software CAPE Drone Software

CAPE Drone Software

Conduct local and remote piloting, livestream to anywhere in the world, capture and manage evidence-grade drone video.

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Purpose-built drone video and flight control software

Integrate CAPE-equipped drones into daily workflows for a quicker response to active situations and an evidence-grade record of events. Emergency response teams equipped with drone technology rapidly make informed decisions from a safe distance—ultimately reducing injuries and saving lives.

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Build a safer drone program

Safely launch and fly a variety of drones using a built-in pre-flight checklist, predefined or ad hoc geofences and 3D obstacle and collision avoidance.

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Get FAA-approved eyes on scene

Simplify FAA approval for your drone as first responder (DFR) program by incorporating our controls into your Risk Mitigation and Emergency Procedure policy.

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Livestream to anyone, anywhere

Initiate a livestream of drone video, available for viewing by responders en route to an incident or remote command staff, using an Android or iOS device.

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Manage flight data responsibly

Drone video, images and flight information are saved to our secure cloud for easy review and can be shared with the public for transparency.

Pilot. Command. Watch.

CAPE is powered by three software applications designed to pilot a local drone, take command of an in-flight drone from anywhere and watch livestreaming video.

CAPE Pilot

On scene, use CAPE Pilot to turn on the drone, create a geofence, verify a pre-flight checklist and fly. The drone is now ready for teleoperation.

CAPE Command

Use CAPE Command on a Chrome web browser for drone flight control from the command center and remotely operate via a simple keyboard interface.

CAPE Watch

Get more eyes on the scene with CAPE Watch. Invite your team to view a drone livestream from any mobile Android or iOS device with very low latency.

CAPE + CommandCentral Aware: Take your drone program to new heights.

Available CAPE subscription packages

Whether you're just getting started or pursuing a drone-as-a-first-responder (DFR) program, we have the right plan for you.


Product Videos

CAPE Product Video

Take your drone program from mainstream to mission critical.

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Industry Brochures

CAPE for Law Enforcement

Learn how CAPE supports police drone programs.


CAPE for Fire & Emergency Services

Learn how CAPE supports fire and EMS drone programs.


Integration Fact Sheets

CAPE + CC Aware Fact Sheet

See CAPE drones in CommandCentral Aware.


CAPE Compatible Hardware & Firmware

CAPE Compatible Hardware & Firmware

See what hardware is currently compatible with CAPE.


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