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Public Safety

Industry Solutions for Safer Cities & Thriving Communities

Within the information flowing between citizens, responders, and agencies is the intelligence that builds a safer city. Motorola Solutions can help you collect more of it, make it actionable and securely distribute it across mission-critical devices and easy-to-manage networks. It's the technology and expertise that turns noise into information, information into intelligence, and intelligence into safety. And it's how to do the absolute most with less — build safer cities, counties and states, and communities that thrive.

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The Connected Police Officer

The Connected Police Officer

Law enforcement agencies need proven technology that can increase response efficiency and support the goal of building safer communities. Yet the key is to never distract an officer during a mission. Unlike members of the public with consumer devices, police officers often confront high stress situations and must stay focused throughout. The right information delivered at the right time in the right way can change the result. Give officers the power to stream video, access information and collaborate in real time so that operate safely and more efficiently in the field.

The Connected Firefighter

The Connected Firefighter

Imagine a world where critical information is shared at speed and inter-agency communications are seamless. We are focused on delivering collaborative, advanced technologies and services aligned to fire prevention, early fire detection and emergency response requirements.

Connected Emergency Medical Services

Connected Emergency Medical Services

When the lives of citizens are at stake, every second counts. Having the right information at the incident scene and en route to the hospital can help maximise the golden hour and save lives. By equipping emergency medical services first responders with collaborative solutions they will be able to make smarter decisions and ensure better patient outcomes.

  • Command Center Software Suite

    Leverage existing systems to extend communication beyond voice, mobilize a faster response and increase situational awareness.

  • TETRA Radio Solutions

    Our TETRA solution offers secure, reliable and efficient communications customised to meet the needs of different markets.

  • LTE device mobile broadband device

    LTE Devices & Infrastructure

    Our portfolio of handheld devices, vehicle-mounted modems and add-on encryption solutions deliver rugged, secure public safety-grade connectivity.

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Featured Items

The Future of Public Safety (Europe and Africa)
Public Safety is transforming. Agencies are using data to go beyond reacting and responding. See how Motorola Solutions is building technology to turn data into intelligence to help keep communities safer.

Be Ready for the Future Today with DIMETRA X Core
With DIMETRA X Core’s fully scalable architecture and mission-critical features, you can make the most of your DIMETRA network today and be ready for the additional capabilities offered by LTE broadband tomorrow.

MTP6650: Designed For Today. Ready For Tomorrow
Overcoming today’s challenges while preparing for tomorrow’s is no easy task. Especially when it comes to public safety. The MTP6650 TETRA portable radio is designed to help you do both

Customer Stories

Nodnett - The New Digital Public Safety Communication System in Norway
Norway's new digital TETRA network for emergency and rescue services.
  • Keeping Firefighters Safe (West Coast)

    South Africa’s West Coast disaster management services improve incident response and help firefighters better safeguard themselves and their colleagues. (pdf)

White Paper

  • Collaborative Devices - NEW White Paper

    Shorten response time, sharpen decision-making and keep frontline staff out of the office with collaborative technology that significantly improves the public safety experience. When devices, applications and networks work as one safety and efficiency can be improved

  • WAVE Work Group Communications White Paper

    Every device, every network, every team, connected like never before. Now first responders can collaborate with others beyond mission critical radio networks from any location, on any device.

  • Mission Critical Operating Environment

    This is your city. An active and engaged public expect you to keep them safe. Public safety officers expect access to communications technology to help them work smarter and more efficiently.

  • Cyber Resilience - White Paper

    Public Safety agencies are increasingly becoming prime targets for cyber criminals seeking to compromise their mission critical networks. This white paper shows how you can enhance your cyber resiliency.

  • Safer Cities White Paper

    Safety is what you can't see. Technology is what you can't sacrifice. Safer cities are the engine for success, driving economies to flourish and communities to thrive.

  • Smart Public Safety Solutions White Paper

    Respond in the moment with a real-time force multiplier. From reacting and responding, to predicting a preventing, a transformation is happening.