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From reacting and responding to predicting and preventing. The need to evolve to deal with new challenges has never been greater.

Today’s police service faces unprecedented challenges.

A transformation is coming to Police Forces. From control room staff to frontline officers, users need proven technology-driven solutions that can increase response efficiency and change the trajectory of a single moment while in the moment.

A single unified data stream

The right information delivered at the right time in the right way can change the result. Give officers the power to stream video, access information and collaborate in real time so that they can operate safely and more efficiently in the field.

Safety Built from Trust ebook

How can integrated technology create safer communities & more resilient emergency services? This ebook discusses the inspiration & intelligence behind the technologies set to transform public safety operations.


TETRA Portable Radios

TETRA Portable Radios

Motorola Solutions offers a wide range of TETRA portable terminal solutions to meet the unique requirements of public safety and police officers.

Explore TETRA Radios
APX Series P25 Two-way Radios

APX Series P25 Two-way Radios

The legendary APX series of two-way radios combines sophisticated technology with incredible toughness and precise ergonomic controls.

Explore P25 radios
Public Safety LTE Devices

Public Safety LTE Devices

Public Safety LTE Devices can help ensure that your front line police officers and incident commanders get the right information delivered to them at the right time.

Explore Public Safety LTE
Two-Way Radio Accessories

Two-Way Radio Accessories

Unleash the full potential of your two-way radio with our accessories. From smart batteries and chargers to discreet surveillance earpieces and durable noise-cancelling headsets, equip users for every eventuality.

Explore Two-Way Radio Accessories

We can answer any questions you may have about our products and services.

Collaborative Devices




APX N50 Single-band P25 Portable Two-way Radio.


MXP600 TETRA Portable Two-way Radio

The ST7500 Compact TETRA Radio is frontline ready.

The ST7500 Compact TETRA Radio is frontline ready.

LEX L11 Mission Critical LTE Device

The LEX L11 is designed with first responders in mind.

VB400 Body-Worn Camera

Improve the safety and accountability of your front-line tea

CommandCentral Aware

Integrate Data into a Single Command & Control Interface

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