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Body-worn cameras
: Collaborating for public safety and transparency 

The importance of capturing and storing digital evidence has never been greater, with more and more law enforcement agencies looking to increase transparency as they work to protect the public.

We worked alongside law enforcement agencies to develop the first product to combine a body-worn camera, radio speaker and microphone and paired it with a cloud-based content management system. The product helps capture evidence in the moments that matter without burdening officers with additional devices. Its cloud based application also allows law enforcement to securely store, share and manage digital evidence, reducing administrative time and costs while increasing transparency.

It’s one of many ways we’re working to build the smarter and safer cities of tomorrow.

“After an incident that is not on video there are multiple people that have multiple perspectives of how an incident took place,” said Keith Zupec, deputy police chief in Waukegan, Illinois. “Now we will have that recorded and officers will be able to complete their reports after viewing that video, which will refresh their memory on how things occurred. It will be a more accurately and truthfully documented incident.”

Product design

From batteries to systems and software, Motorola Solutions is also committed to reducing the direct environmental impact of our products. Whether that’s designing products with more environmentally friendly materials, reducing the amount of packaging we use to ship, offering recycling and battery take-back programs or using solar energy to power up products, we also help our customers reduce the footprint of their own operations.

Sometimes those efforts even help keep the public safer, such as in Somalia.

Supporting safety and security in Somalia with solar

Following years of insecurity, Somalia is slowly increasing safety and stability within its borders. Located in the horn of Africa, Somalia has faced economic decline and high numbers of refugees and internally displaced people.

When Motorola Solutions was contacted in 2015 to develop a radio solution for the police force in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu, we were inspired by the challenge to meet the police force’s needs despite a difficult operating environment.

In partnership with UNSOM and the Japanese Trust Fund, our engineers designed a voice and data radio system powered by solar energy, giving it freedom from the unreliable local electric grid and providing secure and dependable police communications across the capital.

The Motorola Solutions system provides local police with GPS-enabled call buttons that enable officers to signal for immediate backup assistance to their exact locations. Throughout Mogadishu, fast and reliable radio communications are empowering a more responsive police force, keeping officers and the local community safer.

“The radio system provides our officers with the lifeline of instant communications that they need to complete their missions, respond quickly to incidents and better protect the public,” said the chief of Somalia’s police force.