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Frequently bought together


VB400 Body-Worn Camera

High-quality video, shift-long operation, robust and connected.


VideoManager Software

Capture video. Prepare evidence. Share intelligence.


Scan. Analyse. React

The M500 in-car video system is a groundbreaking leap forward in real time awareness. It’s not just an eye observing, it’s a brain analysing, alerting you in real time to threats and objectives.

Key Features

Mission Critical Design

Built on exacting research and real-world feedback, the M500 is designed to withstand the toughest conditions and to work intuitively in the most demanding situations.

Industry-Leading Video

Catch the critical details other cameras miss. With industry-leading video capture and playback, the M500 delivers a clear record of every incident.

Embedded Intelligence

Far more than an eye recording what it sees, the M500 is a brain analysing everything around you and flagging what you need to know.

Powerful Ecosystem

As part of the Motorola Solutions technology ecosystem, the M500 amplifies the capabilities of the mission-critical technology you already count on.


Product information

M500 Brochure

M500 Brochure

Overview of the M500 in-car video system

m500 data sheet

M500 Data Sheet

Specifications of the M500 in-car video system

Backseat Occupancy Detection Video

Capture every backseat confession.

Platform for the Future Video

The M500 is a high-power platform for the future.

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