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VB400 Body-Worn Camera

High-quality video, shift-long operation, robust and connected.


VideoManager Software

Capture video. Prepare evidence. Share intelligence.


Scan. Analyse. React

The M500 in-car video system is a groundbreaking leap forward in real time awareness. It’s not just an eye observing, it’s a brain analysing, alerting you in real time to threats and objectives.

Key Features

Mission Critical Design

Built on exacting research and real-world feedback, the M500 is designed to withstand the toughest conditions and to work intuitively in the most demanding situations.

Industry-Leading Video

Catch the critical details other cameras miss. With industry-leading video capture and playback, the M500 delivers a clear record of every incident.

Embedded Intelligence

Simultaneously analysing video while it's recording evidence, the M500 is designed to keep you and your communities safer.

Powerful Ecosystem

As part of the Motorola Solutions technology ecosystem, the M500 amplifies the capabilities of the mission-critical technology you already count on.


Product information

M500 Brochure

M500 Brochure

Overview of the M500 in-car video system

m500 data sheet

M500 Data Sheet

Specifications of the M500 in-car video system

Backseat Occupancy Detection Video

Ensure the safety of every suspect

Platform for the Future Video

The M500 is a high-power platform for the future.

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