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Mobile Microphones

Mobile Microphones

Choose microphones designed to keep workers safely connected on the move. Keypad microphones let you easily navigate menus on your radios, dial phone numbers and send text messages. The heavy-duty microphone is easy to use while wearing gloves, and the telephone-style handset is ideal for discreet communication.

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  • PMKN4093

    2-Foot Mobile Microphone Extension Cable

  • PMMN4041

    IMPRES PSM, 30-inch Cable

  • PMMN4043

    IMPRES PSM with 3.5mm Audio Jack, 18-inch Cable (IP55)

  • PMMN4042

    IMPRES PSM with 3.5mm Audio Jack, 24-inch Cable (IP55)

  • PMMN4047

    IMPRES PSM, Submersible (IP57), 30-inch Cable

  • PMMN4049

    IMPRES Submersible PSM, 18-in Cable (IP57)

  • PMKN4034

    This is a 20-foot mobile microphone extension cable.

  • PMKN4033

    This is a 10-foot mobile microphone extension cable.

  • RMN5050

    This is a convenient desktop microphone option for control station users.

  • RMN5052

    This standard compact microphone provides basic push-to-talk functionality.

  • RMN5053

    This is a heavy-duty IMPRES microphone for users who want more durability and enhanced audio.

  • RMN5065

    This IMPRES microphone includes a full keypad and three shortcut buttons to easily navigate mobile functions.

  • PMMN4007 - Asia Compact Microhone

    Remote microphone and PTT for convenient one-handed mobile radio operation. Constructed of durable, shockproof, high impact plastic with robust construction coiled cord for strain relief.

  • RMN5029

    Enhanced Keypad Microphone