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Innovating to Help Our Customers


Our Game-Changing Innovations Mobilize and Connect People When It Matters Most
Taking great ideas from concept to reality is what innovative companies do. At Motorola Solutions, we believe true innovation occurs when a new technology solves a problem customers didn't know they had or in a way they never thought possible. We strive to deliver solutions that bring the right information, to the right person, at the right time. We help our customers be their best in the moments that matter most – protecting citizens, connecting with shoppers and empowering IT operations.

We Recognize Important Market Shifts Before They Occur
With unparalleled domain and design expertise, we anticipate industry shifts, recognize market disruptors and develop breakthrough technology solutions using a proven framework that helps transform the industries we serve. Companies that bring new capabilities to market before others identify the need or benefit change the world.

Our Innovation Pipeline connects innovators to business and technology champions to define and elevate great ideas – and bank others for future inspiration. It's a model that welcomes risk, nurtures inventors and provides a proven process framework to guide their journey.