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Transportation and Logistics

Enhance efficiency, improve passenger satisfaction and ensure safety across transportation networks with Motorola

Accelerate productivity and coordinate the movement of passengers, employees and cargo with clear and continuous communications. Link your locations and people with immediate access to real-time critical data.

Meet your customers' expectations by investing in a communications system that best suits your needs and ultimately delivers the best customer service.

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Communication solutions for train network operators

Rail Transportation

Whether you are keeping the trains running on time or responding to an incident on the track, it is imperative that your communications network is reliable. The right equipment for real time monitoring and management of your system helps to ensure you are ahead of any issues before they become emergencies. Our communication solutions can improve the safety of your employees while complying with regulatory requirements.

Communication solutions for airport and airline transportation

Air Transportation

Increasing air travel and heightened security measures are putting great demand on airports to move passengers through the terminal and onto their flights in the most efficient and trouble-free way possible. This flawless coordination and precision execution is achievable by optimising information and resource allocation; our communication solutions work towards this goal.

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The ST7000 Small TETRA Radio

Small. Discreet. Sophisticated. The ST7000 addresses the need for an intuitive, easy-to-use digital radio that delivers high quality audio. It's elegant design make it ideal for customer-facing staff.

Service From The Start For MOTOTRBO™ And TETRA Radios

Service from the Start is the industry-leading service offering provided by Motorola to ensure your radios are protected against normal wear and tear, accidental breakage, and more.

The Next Generation MOTOTRBO™

See how closer collaboration, using the latest integrated voice and data communications, can transport operations by enhancing safety, efficiency and productivity.

Every Device, Every Network, Every Team, Connected Like Never Before

Demonstrating the benefits of using WAVE Work Group Communications from Motorola Solutions to connect people across multiple enterprise communications systems for increased collaboration and productivity.

Smart Airport Solutions

Sean Fitzgerald gives a brief overview of the operational capabilities that the Motorola Solutions’ SCADA portfolio can achieve in creating a smart airport.