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Logistics Voice and Data Communications


Download this brief to redefine delivery efficiency with voice and data communications.

As online shopping continues to grow, logistics comes under increasing strain to meet customer needs. People want faster, more flexible deliveries and lower delivery costs.

The supply chain has to adopt innovative technology to streamline processes and reduce costs. Staff at every point in the chain need to be connected with unified voice and data communications in real time to respond rapidly to orders and specific customer needs. Being able to speed up processes from initial product picking to activating drivers and avoiding congestion is essential.

STAY IN TOUCH: Enhanced radio coverage connects workers across the supply chain.

COMMUNICATE CLEARLY: Intelligent Audio keeps teams talking even in noisy environments.

GO FURTHER: Long battery life extends shifts and boosts efficiency.

CONNECT EVERYONE: Team Communications with WAVE™ Work Group Communications connects any device, any network, any application.

BE PROTECTED: Rugged designs ensure reliable communications inside and out.