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Kissimmee PD Intelligence-Led Policing Case Study

"CommandCentral gives us data that gives our officers a purpose to be out on the street."

Jeff O'Dell | Chief | Kissimmee Police Department

Kissimmee Police Department: Intelligence-Led Policing Drives Progress and Prosperity

"Why are we reacting to the dots on the map?" This was the questioned asked by Chief Jeff O'Dell upon entering the Kissimmee Police department. He then followed up with "Let's try to prevent the dots and look ahead to stop crimes before they actually happen." Since then, things have never been the same in the bustling hub located just south of Orlando, Florida near the world famous Walt Disney World Resort.

Kissimmee is evolving into a vibrant, fast-growing city, with extensive investments made to bolster the economy, jobs and resident resources. The city is committed to attracting new businesses, which includes the recent launch of a new Medical Arts District to create a hub of healthcare-related companies between the city’s two hospitals.

Over the years, in order to keep up with the city’s growth, the Kissimmee Police Department has been working toward their vision of evolving the agency to an intelligence-led policing model, even while facing budget constraints. The goal was to shift from reactive patrolling to proactive and preventative activities by leveraging real-time and historical data.

Customer Profile

The Kissimmee Police Department

The Kissimmee Police Department has approximately 130 sworn officers that serve a city population of almost 70,000.

A Crime Analysis Evolution

Kissimmee PD made the transition to an Intelligence-Led Policing model and with it, decided to make the investment in CommandCentral Analytics. They also implemented Predictive Analysis as a part of their purchase.

CommandCentral Analytics integrates data from their:

  • Computer Aided Dispatch System
  • Records Management System
  • Field Interview Cards

Executive Summary

The Challenge

Kissimmee Police Department wanted to evolve to do their part in ensuring the city grew successfully. They had a crime dashboard, but the data was limited to crimes that had already occurred and didn’t help staff derive true intelligent insights.

The Solution

The department decided to take advantage of CommandCentral Analytics to help analysts gather information easier, collaborate more effectively across the agency and enact more Intelligence-Led Policing initiatives to prevent crime.

The Benefits

Since adopting an Intelligence-Led Policing model and CommandCentral Analytics, Kissimmee PD has been able to better protect their community and reduce the property crime rate by 16%.

Hear Firsthand About Moments That Mattered

The Power Of Crime Analytics Takes Down A Burglary Ring

Kissimmee PD Analyst Metre Lewis talks about how they were able to link together a string of burglaries with CommandCentral Analytics and bring down what they found out was something much bigger than just a local theft problem.

Solving Two Homicides Cements The Value of Crime Analysis

Kissimmee PD Chief Jeff O'Dell talks about how they were able to quickly take a group conducting random shootings off the street and solve two homicides - thanks in part to CommandCentral Analytics.

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