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Counterfeit Campaign



Counterfeit Motorola products are on the rise on the market as counterfeit dealers take advantage of Motorola's brand reliability. These products are being sold openly in trusted places of business such as shopping malls while unsuspecting customers fall victim to false assurances.

Differentiating counterfeits from the original products have become increasingly difficult, and customers are required to exercise diligence to ensure that they do not fall victim to counterfeit scams. Often the biggest clue to identifying counterfeits is the price. Motorola products should not differ too much between the retailers. Always keep alert and observe your merchant as well as the environment for anything that might be amiss. Counterfeit dealers tend to deceive customers of their products' authenticity through invalid "support and warranty" claims.



While counterfeit radios, batteries, and accessories may look identical to their authentic counterparts, they differ vastly in quality. Counterfeit products often house inferior quality components that would question your safety. Unlike genuine products, counterfeits lack product testing and quality control during the manufacturing process. Hence, these products present their users with the dangers of exploding batteries, overheating radios and short-circuiting accessories that would cause severe burns or result in a detrimental workplace fire.



In collaboration with local authorities, we have been conducting raids across different countries to reduce the number of counterfeits in the market. Through collaborative efforts, substantial quantities of illegal Motorola counterfeit products were seized while numerous counterfeiting operations were terminated. Furthering our efforts to educate the public, some guilty parties that were responsible for selling counterfeit products had to publish an apology in the local newspaper.



To ensure your safety during operations, we at Motorola Solutions invest considerably in the thorough testing, calibration, programming, and field-testing of the products. Purchasing Motorola products from our authorized partners assures you of peace of mind through genuine support and warranty. Do not leave your safety to chance, buy real.