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TETRA Telemetry & Communication Unit

A telemetry and communication unit that communicates using a TOM100 TETRA Modem, TMP102 controls up to eight telemetry modules -- digital input, digital output, analog input and analog output in any combination. It also transmits the states or values of input lines and sets the states or values of the output lines.


The TETRA Telemetry unit TMP102 is applied for automation of technical processes. The unit has four outputs (open Drain) and an internal TOM100 TETRA module.

The TMP102 can be connected with up to eight Phoenix-Contact modules type RAD-IN/OUT Analog/ Digital to a remote controlled terminal device. It transmits their input values and can control the outputs.

Immediately after the start of the TMP102 you will have complete control of the inputs and outputs.

Within one radio system, several remote-control terminal devices (one TMP102 with up to eight Phoenix-Contact modules each) can be operated and controlled by a central office, provided that all TMP102 are within the same TETRA network as the central office and that the TMP102 resp. its internal TMP100 TETRA module have been registered properly.

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• Auto Configuration. TMP102 recognizes the connected telemetry modules. It remembers the radio device that contacted last and transmits telemetry data to this radio device.

• Easy Installation. TMP102 requires only one power supply and an antenna. Extension telemetry modules are pluggable and need no extra power supply. The modules are locked on a mounting rail, no further tools are required.

• Digital Outputs Onboard. 4 outputs are present without extension modules.

• Scalable architecture with up to 8 telemetry modules (In / Output modules from Company Phoenix Contacts).

• 4 digital outputs onboard.

• Message transfer with Motorola TOM100 TETRA modem to e.g. TOG9040 - Telecontrol centre for TETRA Telemetry.

• Useable in afield sites bridges large distances without wires.

Requires one or more radio networks such as Dimetra, a pool of one or more radios, a telemetry units e.g. TMP102 or COP102, Ethernet infrastructure with IP-clients to be monitored, IPC with windows embedded platform and depending on the alarm scenario if more than SDS, CallOut is required e.g. a ATS TOG9040 software with email-, IP-, GSM, OPCinfrastructure and -access.