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Intelligent Communications As A Service


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ICaaS from Motorola Solutions is a platform for public safety that allows organizations to enhance their operations with tailored broadband data capabilities. ICaaS brings best in class applications that will increase coverage, effectiveness, and help your agency better protect the communities you serve.


Put real-time information
in the hands of first responders

Trust that you can always
access critical information
whenever you need it

Heighten situational
with next generation
mobile applications

Enhance public safety
through better collaboration
and greater productivity


Build safer communities smarter and faster with a suite of complementary, secure intelligent applications.

Track first responders position and status, battery level and signal strength to manage incident responses more effectively.

Protect your voice and data with AES-256 encryption.

Instruct, dispatch and monitor your field operatives from within a map interface to broadcast multimedia content, manage geo-fences, and track historical locations.

Motorola Solutions' broadband PTT solution across all your devices and networks.

Instantly send and receive text, audio clips, images, videos and location data.

Includes unlimited licences for LMR-Broadband interoperability.


Don't just share data, share context and intelligence. Allows all team members, regardless of location, to share a common strategic planning space, modifiable in real-time.  Its file-sharing technology, allows your teams to share suspect photos, reconnaissance, floor plans, and live text in order to form a common understanding through which to manage operations.

SECURE VOIP (Coming Soon)
Enables half and full-duplex end-to-end secure voice communications.


You can add hardware and additional software solutions based on your performance and capacity needs.


Consult Motorola Solutions free library of resources to keep up to date with
the latest developments in technology for public safety.

Intelligent Communications as a Service (ICaaS) by Motorola Solutions is a cloud based platform for Public Safety organizations that consists of a suite of core applications and services.

It extends communications across devices and networks, multiple organizations and wider coverage areas.

A suite of secure intelligent applications for smarter and faster deployment in the field:

  • WAVE™: Motorola’s PTT solution across all your devices and networks
  • Multimedia Messaging: Instantly send and receive text, audio clips, images and location date
  • Location, Presence and Geofencing: Track first responders position and status, battery level and signal strength to manage incident responses more effectively
  • High Assurance Services Security: Carry your sensitive data securely to the field using software-based 256 AES encryption
  • Interoperability: Includes unlimited licenses for broadband interoperability
  • Command & Control and Multimedia Web Dispatch: Instruct, dispatch and monitor our filed operatives for a better outcome

WAVE Broadband Push-To-Talk platform enables your personnel to connect instantly and securely at the touch of a button whether on a Smartphone, radio, computer landline or any other communications device.

Yes, there are two add-ons available.

  • Secure VoIP: Enables half-full duplex communications with high security assurance(Current Roadmap - Coming Soon)
  • Whiteboarding Group Collaboration: Allows you to quickly plan an effective response by creating ad-hoc groups with tactical and whiteboarding capabilities

With ICaaS, you can customize your apps and services to meet your agency's needs and budgets. Benefits include:

  • No up-front infrastructure investment
  • Deploy and pay for solutions as you need them
  • Turn-key support
  • Quick and easy deployment
  • Always up to date

Motorola Solutions is committed to providing public safety agencies with a flexible technological platform to support their evolving requirements for the future.

  • 90 years of experience serving Public Safety customers
  • Radio interoperability
  • Highly secure and robust services
  • High Push-To-Talk (PTT) performance
  • A variety of Public Safety apps

The general terms are as follows:

  • Minimum term: 1 year
  • Conditions: at least 1 year upfront payment
  • Automatic renewal option available
  • Licenses: Minimum initial 50 base licenses (users)
  • Minimum subsequent orders of 10 base licenses
  • Dispatch Consoles included for every 50 licenses

There is a 30-day trial period for all applications, with 10 users max. It requires customer’s BYOD and Data Plan.


Connect to your ICaaS MSI Website any time to find everything you need to know about ICaaS and how to sign up for future applications. This solution offers the road to a smarter and faster way to accomplish your mission of building a safer community.

Motorola Solutions &/or MSI Partner - Sales Specialist.

At least 50 users are required for this service. This is the count we have determined for Motorola Solutions to have a positive return on investment (ROI).

ICaaS 2.0 is a premium product that offers more services than WAVE OnCloud or WAVE 5000 purchased directly by a customer, so it has a larger total cost of ownership over a longer period of time.

Yes, ICaaS 2.0 is an excellent choice for any commercial vertical with a large user base such as airlines, transportation,manufacturing, hospitality and mining. A minimum of 50 users is also required for this vertical and in order for us to have a positive ROI.

Contact Mark Bradley on the Global Service Offer Manager team for assistance.

Visit ICaaS 2.0 Web Page on our intranet website. To view the sales enablement materials along with the publicly visible assets, sign in via the sales portal ( before visiting the ICaaS 2.0 page.

LACR = Latin America and Caribbean Region. This region will be the first for ICaaS service.

WAVE is a broadband push-to-talk subscription service from Motorola Solutions that uses the cloud to extend two-way radio communication to phones, tablets and PCs, to help Public Safety organizations get more done faster. WAVE eliminates the barriers between devices, networks and locations, and lets everyone be part of the conversation.

The most notable changes are in the mobile app with new features including:

  • Multimedia communication
  • Persistent history
  • Background calling
  • and more

Interoperability with any Radio System means you can tap into your radio customer base to sell this service.

If an email was added for the customer when setting up the trial, they will receive an email near the end of the trial to upgrade to a paid account. If an email was not provided, the partner can click on the “Upgrade” button and upgrade the created account on behalf of the customer.

No. It is not a requirement for users to be set up as employees under the Agency.

Yes. One user at a customer can be associated with multiple TalkGroups. Motorola Solutions,

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