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Communication without compromise

When you're facing life or death, you need the very best.

The APX™ advantage

When lives depend on you, there’s no room for error.
This is mission-critical.
APX radios exist for this purpose.

Hear and be heard

Clear communications can make the difference between life and death. Hear and be heard with clarity. Your message will get through.

Outlast and outperform

Reliable communications are non-negotiable for first responders. That's why APX radios are built for extreme durability.

Intelligence in action

More than simple radios, APX gives you the sophisticated features and capabilities you need in an increasingly complex world.

This is mission-critical

Whether you're a police officer, firefighter or field technician,
you need to know that your call will get through.

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APX 8000XE: Engineered for excellence

Only firefighters know what they’re up against.
Searing heat, zero visibility, life-or-death decisions - you won't know it until you've lived it.
That’s why firefighters helped to design the APX 8000XE.


Designed to fit in your hand, the T-grip shape is secure when wet or slippery. Large features are easy to use while wearing thick gloves.

Accessory connector

Tested to withstand extreme pulls, our multi-pin connector secures your Remote Speaker Microphone or headset from accidental disconnection.

Smart batteries

Our patented IMPRES battery technology gives you more energy, better control and longer life.

Control top

The channel and volume knobs are unique shapes and angles, allowing you to operate the radio by touch in complete darkness.

Positive controls

Heavyweight buttons with clear positive action and strong feedback give you complete confidence in every situation.

Transflective display

Protected from impacts and scratches with toughened glass, the transflective front display is clear even in bright sunlight.

Experience APX Radios for yourself.

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APX portable radios

Whether you're saving lives, keeping the peace, or keeping the lights on, we have an APX portable radio to fit your needs.

Top-tier radios deserve top-tier accessories.

The complete Project 25 (P25) solution

Looking for more than just components?

With our portfolio of radios, infrastructure, dispatch consoles and software applications, we can build you a complete communications system.


Maintain mission-critical performance with our service package. We offer everything from light-touch support to full network engagement.

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Site equipment, transport and integration. From a small conventional system to a statewide trunked network, we have everything you need.

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Empower your dispatchers to coordinate faster. Choose from our portfolio of consoles and keep your teams safe, effective and coordinated.

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Software applications

Add intelligence to your system. Everything from tracking solutions to keep your personnel safe, to software to keep your radio fleet secure.

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Keep your APX radios updated with our expert service packages.


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