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Service from the Start for Devices Gap-free support coverage after warranty


Service from the Start for Devices


Every second counts when you are running a business or responding to an emergency. The last thing you need is to worry that someone's operations-critical device is broken and the warranty has run out, leaving you scrambling to find the budget to get it repaired and back in service quickly.

Service from the Start for Devices offers seamless coverage and expanded services at a lower cost per year. Our bundles provide a variety of coverage levels to help ensure that your device is back in your hands quickly to minimize any organizational or communications interruptions.

Features and Benefits

Work with the experts
Highly qualified support technicians provide proactive support and troubleshooting for quick problem resolution with minimal end-user involvement

Comprehensive, no-questions-asked coverage
Includes normal wear and tear plus accidental breakage significantly reducing "surprise" repair costs and lowering your total cost of ownership

Fast turnaround time for all repairs
Get your devices repaired quickly and back in service to keep your critical business functions running smoothly

Get more for less
Take advantage of a multi-year discount with a single upfront cost that provides more coverage and a lower annualized cost than a standard service contract

Choose the plan that works for you:

Enterprise Mobile Computing Portfolio
  • Bronze service
    More than three times faster than standard warranty coverage - three business days instead of 10 business days repair time; available for mobile computers and data scanners
  • Gold service
    Next-business-day replacement unit, ready to go right out of the box; available for mobile computers and data scanners.
Industrial Mobile Computing Portfolio (formerly Psion)
  • Primary service
    Reduce your total cost of ownership with comprehensive, no questions asked coverage which includes normal wear and tear and accidental breakage and three business day turnaround.
  • Primary with Collection service
    Simplify support with all the advantages of primary plus door to door shipping. You pack the device, we arrange for pickup.
ASTRO® 25 Devices and MOTOTRBOTM Devices
  • Lite
    Faster repair turnaround time than standard warranty - 24x7; available for ASTRO® 25 Devices and MOTOTRBO™ Devices
  • Comprehensive
    "No questions asked" chemical, liquid and physical damage coverage; available for ASTRO® 25 Devices and MOTOTRBO™ Devices


At a Glance

Design and Planning

Ensuring that our products consistently meet your operational needs is the goal of our service programs. Our service portfolio complements our products in ways that ensure you realize the best return on investment in our technologies.

Delivering capabilities designed to facilitate successful implementation and offering service levels above and beyond standard warranty coverage, our services allow you to choose the service level and options that best meet your needs, including a choice of repair turn-around times, response options, same day shipping of replacement units, onsite service, and more.

Our service programs are delivered through an integrated global support infrastructure that includes local language technical support, 24x7x365 coverage and efficient service centers. You are assured that assistance is available wherever and whenever you need it - via the phone or the Web, at one of our service centers or at your location.



Our starting service plan, offering multi-year options for seamless coverage and covering normal wear and tear, parts and labor at no additional cost, full access to technical resources and rights to download and use software releases and supporting documentation. Service from the Start is offered in two variants. Bronze service offers 3 day repair turnaround. Gold service offers shorter guaranteed response times, commissioning services as standard and advance replacement meaning there is immediate shipment of a replacement device as soon as a request for service is received.



This program sets a new standard for service. From the first day of your hardware purchase, the coverage offered by Service from the Start is expanded to include accidental breakage, ensuring that regardless of the type of damage — cracked plastics, broken screens, keypads or components — your repair is covered.



Service from the Start Primary Services deliver comprehensive support services for all devices in the Motorola Solutions rugged industrial portfolio formerly marketed and sold by Psion. Primary Services offer complete maintenance and support in a flexible, cost-effective format. The service includes chassis repair, full access to technical resources, firmware upgrades, performance and reliability optimization as well as battery-testing, optimizing and disposal. The program expands the normal wear and tear coverage offered by Psion Primary to include accidental breakage, ensuring that no matter what is damaged — from cracked plastics, broken screens and keypads to damage to other components — your repair is covered.

Service from the Start Primary is offered in service terms of three years or less and includes a collection option with pre-paid ground freight on return shipments.



Minimize the high cost of device and employee downtime in your business with Advance Exchange Support. With just one call, this cost-effective multi-year coverage plan provides the next-business-day replacement you need to keep your business running smoothly and productively.



When you need maximum uptime, choose On Site System Support. Problem resolution begins the moment we receive your call. If we are unable to resolve the issue remotely, a trained field service technician is dispatched to repair the equipment on-site at your facility.



Our battery refresh option provides you with time-based battery replacement for every mobile computer under contract. The current replacement interval is 18 months. This option is sold as an uplift to Service from the Start comprehensive contracts only.


Service from the Start provides more than just normal wear and tear coverage. Accelerated repair turnaround time, advance replacement and software support are some of the additional features included with Service from the Start. The charts below highlight the features of the various Service from the Start bundles, including Comprehensive Coverage, Device Management and Advance Exchange Support.

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Service from the Start Enterprise NA
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Service from the Start for Astro 25 and MotoTrbo/PCR devices