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Mobility Lifecycle Management


The confidence to transform your business with mobile technology is built on predictability. Ensuring that your mobile device environment can support business-critical applications is a key step to innovating business processes around mobile technology.

Assuring the sustained availability and performance of business-critical mobile-device environments requires strong operational support for deployment, management, service and ongoing performance analysis. However, finding the expertise and deploying the resources required for a large mobile device rollout takes time and money, and an ineffective implementation can have a real financial impact on your business.

Mobility Lifecycle Management is a Service Level Agreement (SLA)-defined solution designed to remove uncertainty and establish predictability in the creation and management of complex, multi-operating system mobile device environments.


Mobile Device Investment


Features and Benefits

Create strategic flexibility
With specialization built on the right combination of people, process, tools and infrastructure for device-centered transformation initiatives

Improve operational capability
With access to Motorola Solutions deep operational expertise, standardized processes, skilled resources and best practices improves mobile device implementation

Mitigate operational risk
With integrated business processes, comprehensive lifecycle management, proactive monitoring and dedicated resources to ensure operational visibility and deal with issues — both anticipated and unanticipated

Assure performance
With tailored SLAs defining performance measures including devices in service, device delivery (compliance to schedule), devices "ready for business," device replacement and logistics, device spare pool availability, software management and service desk

Improve manageability
With processes and tools tailored to every phase of the device lifecycle

Align cost with business operations
With a monthly recurring charge model that aligns your funding model with the financial requirements of your business

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