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TETRA Radio Base Stations

High Performance Radio Base Stations

High performance with low cost of ownership.

How to Buy

  • MTS1 TETRA Base Station

    The small, flexible and yet extremely powerful MTS1 offers network operators a comprehensive coverage solution that can be rapidly installed and commissioned.

  • MTS2 TETRA Base Station

    Compact and lightweight, the Motorola Solutions MTS2 is a deployable TETRA base station offering full feature performance and superb cost efficiency.

  • MTS4 TETRA Base Station

    Tough and extremely reliable, the MTS4 is a high specification, fully redundant TETRA base station offering superb performance.

  • MTS4L TETRA/LTE Base Station

    Fast, flexible and future-ready, the MTS4L TETRA Base Station provides a simplified path for the addition of LTE to provide a complementary broadband service.

  • MTS LiTE

    A powerful cost-efficient one-box solution, which is well suited for temporary site deployments as well as coverage infill and extension.