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Intelligent Middleware


Extend to Broadband Networks

Quickly extend the reach of your application to broadband networks and smartphone devices.

Extend to LMR Technologies

All Intelligent Middleware APIs are technology-agnostic. Write your application once and it will deploy to ASTRO® 25, DIMETRATM and broadband networks without change.

Add Functionality

Want to add messaging capability to your application? Or the ability to display location on a smartphone? We make adding functionality quick and easy.


Harness the strength of the Motorola Solutions developer program to rapidly build, test and deploy applications.


Get online training, tutorials and code samples to build apps.


Create, extend and integrate with REST APIs, ADKs, code sharing and a sandbox.


Collaborate with the community through events, blogs and forums.


Evangelize your application to the market and deploy with minimal effort.

Intelligent Middleware Services

Location Management

Our location services offer control of the location reporting of both LMR and broadband device. This includes event based reporting frequency, location caching and presence information.

Group Management

Group management services include support for multiple group types – pre-provisioned enterprise and broadcast groups, applications groups created by subscribing applications and personal groups created on a device by the user.


Intelligent Middleware encrypted messaging offers a centralized messaging service across LMR and smartphone devices and is fully “group-aware,” including the ability to only send to “affiliated” users.


Intelligent Middleware manages alerts and corresponding actions from multiple sensors through radios or smartphones. Subscribing applications can be notified of a change in a user’s status.

Identity Management

Our identity management services include single sign-on authentication with a dedicated credential store for password management and authentication.

Toolkit Information

Intelligent Middleware REST/Wedsocket & Mobile APIs

Take advantage of our free APIs and documentation, based on industry standards, to start developing new solutions.

Modern Systems for Asset Distribution

Use our modern systems to access the assets and resources necessary for product development.

Development Tools

Utilize our library of docs, sample code, demo apps and custom tools along with industry open source tools to help build your solutions.

Intelligent Middleware Sandbox

Get remote access to the sandbox and test your application before deploying in the marketplace.

Community & Motorola Support

Obtain quick support via your peers in the developer community. Alternatively, ask question directly to trained Motorola ADP Engineers.


The Intelligent Middleware Suite is based on our 80 years of experience creating workgroup communications solutions. Our APIs will enable you to successfully extend the reach of your application from LMR to broadband or to build your broadband-only application. They include services to centralize management of groups and location, services to centralize messaging, and identity management services.


Request License

Request a license to develop solutions for Intelligent Middleware.

Access Toolkit

After approval, we'll get you up to speed with development toolkit and provide you access to our Intelligent Middleware REST-based and mobile APIs.

Develop Solutions

Start developing and testing your solutions against the Intelligent Middleware Sandbox before deployment.

Showcase & Deploy

Become preferred Application Provider of Motorola Solutions, by promoting your products to the marketplace through our free online application catalog.