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With MOTOTRBO™ ION, people stay connected across networks and devices. Our developer program is designed to supply you the tools you need to offer your customers a seamless user experience in Android's technology ecosystem. Start integrating your Android™ solutions with our devices!


Why Work With Motorola Solutions

Motorola Solutions is a global leader in business communications and analytics. Our technology platforms in communications, command center software, video security & analytics, bolstered by managed & support services, help businesses stay productive and efficient.

100+ Countries

100,000+ Customers

13,000+ Networks

$7.4BN In Annual Sales

1,500 Direct Sales Force


We are a global leader in every two-way radio standard and emerging LTE solutions. We innovate by continously learning how our customers operate and collaborationg closely with our developer community. If you serve any of the below markets, your customers most likely use out networks, technologies and devices. Learn how we can work together to strengthen our join positions in the follwoing verticals.













The Application Developer Program

Motorola Solutions partners with industry experts in the same verticals markets around the world to bring compelling solutions to our joint Enterprise customers. Consider how you can leverage our new rugged devices, powered by Android TM, to bring your B2B applications to new markets and better meet the expectations of your customers.

14+ Years of Operation

Global Program for B2B Professionals

400+ Active Developers across the Globe

Showcase your solutions in our Application Catalog

Now open to Android™ Enterprise Application Developers


Modern Systems for Asset Distribution

Use our modern systems to access the assets and resources necessary for development on the Android™ ecosystem.

Android™ Development Tips & Tools

Utilize open source tools and Motorola Solutions recommendations to integrate your solution with Motorola Solutions devices powered by Android™ .

Android™ Community Support

Obtain quick support via your peers in the developer community and learn how to integrate your Android™ applications into Motorola Solutions devices.

Demo & Test Equipment

Invest in building an Android™ solution that works with Motorola Solutions devices, including purchasing necessary devices for development and testing .


Accredited Legal Company

Your organization must be a registered legal businesses with appropriate proof of insurance and commitment to support your customer base

Android™ Development Knowledge

Make sure you have basic development expertise in the Android™ ecosystem. This knowledge is essential for successful application development on Motorola Solutions devices powered by Android.

Market & Development Expertise

Have experience in building the type of application(s) you intend to develop. If you are intending to sell your solution, insure you possess the ability to market and support them accordingly.

Comply with Program Terms

Agree to accept and protect all Motorola Solutions confidential information per our Program Terms & Conditions.


Sign-up for a Free Account

Click here to create a Motorola Solutions account via to access our asset distribution platformmyaccount.

Verify Your Login Credentials

Simply click and verify your account credentials in the email you have received in your inbox.

Access our Dev Portal

Log into our Motorola Solutions Dev Portal using your newly created login credentials.

Learn about our Android™ Devices!

Search for the android/getting-started repo and learn what is available to you!

Advanced Access

Apply to access additional Android™ resources for MOTOTRBO™ ION & NITRO™ EVOLVE devices!

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