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Transmit and receive discreetly with a variety of earpieces that feature a streamlined design and rugged cables that withstand tough conditions. With inline push-to-talk and microphones, they’re easy to use on the go. Our flexible array of surveillance kits includes two-wire kits (one wire for receiving, one wire for transmitting) and more discreet three-wire kits (separate wires for transmitting, receiving and push-to-talk).

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  • 56517

    D-Style Earpiece with in-line microphone and PTT.

  • 89409N

    HK200 Bluetooth wireless earpiece

  • HKLN4455

    Over-the-ear earpiece with in-line push-to-talk

  • PMLN4620

    D-SHELL Receive-Only Ear-Receiver (with 3.5mm plug). The Over-the-ear D-Shell earpiece that attaches to the RSM, allows user to receive in-coming radio communications discretely.

  • PMLN5102 Ultra-lite headset

    Behind-the-head, single muff adjustable headset with in-line push-to-talk

  • PMLN5096

    D-Shell earset with Boom Microphone

  • Mag One - PMLN5727

    Earpiece Inline Mic/PTT, Swvl, MagOne

  • PMLN6533

    Pellet-style earpieces allow users to receive communication discreetly. This earpiece comes with with the microphone and Push-to-Talk combined.

  • Mag One - PMLN6534

    Commercial series earbud with in-line microphone/PTT/VOX switch

  • PMLN6535

    This pellet-style earpiece allows users to receive communication discreetly and is comfortable for extended-wear use.

  • Mag One – PMLN6537

    The Mag One – PMLN6537 is a commercial series earset with over-the-ear styling, boom microphone and in-line PTT/VOX switch.

  • PMLN7156

    Mag One earbud with in-line microphone and PTT.

  • Mag One - PMLN5728

    Earpiece, RX Only, Swivel, Mag One

  • PMLN5729

    IMPRES Ear Microphone System for MTP 3000 series radios

  • PMLN5731

    Dual Muff over-the-head headset with inline push-to-talk for MTP 3000 series radios.

  • NTN2572

    Replacement Wireless Earpiece 12 inch cable.

  • PMLN4393

    Receive-Only Ear-Receiver (Compatible with PMMN4002 & PMMN4004)

  • PMLN5000 D

    D-Style Earpiece with Mic/PTT

  • RLN4941

    Receive Only Earpiece with 3.5mm transparent tube and rubber eartip. The In-ear acoustic tube earpiece that attaches to the RSM, allows user to receive in-coming radio communications discretely in fairly noisy environment.

  • PMLN4620

    Receive only Earpiece with 3.5mm ( Compatible with AAHMN9054 & RMN5011, RMN5012 & RMN5013)

  • PMLN7396

    Adjustable D-style earpiece for remote speaker microphone (RSM).

  • PMLN7844


  • PMLN6900

    1-Wire Receive Only Earpiece with Translucent Tube (PMLN6900)

  • Rx Only Earpiece -PMLN8120

    Rx Only Earpiece allows you to discreetly receive messages in loud environments.

  • PMLN6463

    Swivel earpiece with in-line microphone and Bluetooth pod.

  • NNTN8294

    Wireless bluetooth ear bud, 11.5” cable.

  • NNTN8298

    2-Wire Earbud with 116cm Cord

  • PMLN7851

    Operation Critical Wireless Bluetooth Earpiece with PTT

  • PMLN7560

    Receive-Only earpiece with Translucent Tube and Rubber eartip

  • RLN6550


  • NNTN8747

    Audio Accessory-Earpiece, Black Overt Audio Kit for Fast PTT

  • NNTN8748

    Audio Accessory-Earpiece, White Overt Audio Kit for Fast PTT

  • NNTN8737

    Commercial 3.5 Earbud Headset Adapter, Multipack (10)

  • PMLN5973

    Ear RCVR with In-Line Mic/PPT MagOne

  • PMLN5975

    Swivel Earpiece with Mic/PPT MagOne

  • PMLN5976

    Earset with Boom Mic In-Line PPT MagOne