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Robust, open standards solution for large areas of coverage and interoperability, which includes voice, video, data applications and services with the use of P25 technology and broadband networks.

Find the one that best suits mining needs with family radios ASTRO® 25

ASTRO® 25 Portfolio

ASTRO® 25 Conventional and Trunking System

Extend your communications with a robust integrated voice and data system.

ASTRO® 25 goes further

Allowing P25 data traffic to pass between P25 systems and sharing critical data with broadband users so that everyone can stay informed.

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LEX L11 LTE Voice and Data Communication Device

LMR, LTE/4G, 3G and Wi-Fi all in one

Expand your voice and data communications. Connectivity anywhere.

Predictive solutions with IIoT and AI

Predict possible failures in real time, monitor slopes or machines, get emergency alarms and control autonomous trucks.

Smart heavy-duty radio device

Data collection in rough environments, geofences, interactive maps, video and images.


LTE Broadband Communications Platform

Low latency and high throughput coverage is essential for efficient control of equipment, accurate data readings from IoT sensors, effective data sharing and voice communications on remote areas.

LXN 7100 Fixed LTE Broadband

High security and resilience for those seeking to establish a robust, private and dedicated mission critical broadband network.

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LXN 6000 Deployable LTE Solution

To easily create or extend a profitable mobile or semi-permanent broadband network with high coverage and capacity.

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LXN 505 Ultra Portable LTE Solution

Lightweight transportable system in a backpack or vehicle, for hostile environments with hosting application.

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Want to know more about Voice and Data?

Video security and analytics for safer operations

ACC - Avigilon Control Center

Improves the way security professionals manage and interact with high definition video.

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ACS - Avigilon Cloud Services

It connects your ACC sites to the cloud allowing remote access to your system from anywhere, from a browser or mobile application.

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Access Control Platform

The Avigilon access control platform scales to the changing needs of your business, with the flexible, secure and integrated solutions.

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It combines a powerful zoom with IR technology to provide wide coverage and exceptional image quality in low-light environments.

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H4 Thermal Camera Line

Provides long-range perimeter protection and takes advantage of thermal technology in challenging conditions by minimizing false alarms.

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H4ES Camera Line

It combines high definition imaging, self-learning video analytics, network recording, and integrated ACC into one unified interface.

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NVR - Network Video Recorders

Higher capacity, retention and performance network video recorders to provide secure, reliable and scalable platforms.

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Analog Video Encoder

Analog video encoder with audio support, converts the analog video signal into digital to transmit over an IP network.

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Avigilon Solutions for Mining

Exceptional video coverage across large areas and intuitive video management software help increase safety and protection.

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Collect, analyze and share information in real time from the mining pit, dams, ore crushing machines or trucks with the Integrated Operation and Management Center.

MCC 7500E IP Dispatch Console

Simple and easy deployment, with dual Ethernet connections to minimize the risk of a lost connection.

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Voice Dispatch Console based on open standards for the highest level of compatibility with radio, telephony, POC and broadband technologies.

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APX™ MULTI-BAND Consolette

Ideal complement to your dispatch console. It’s the low cost, mid-power RF control station for the ASTRO® 25 system when you want a wireless dispatch solution.

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Integrate applications and information sources in a unified user interface

Monitoring and Control

Keep your workers out of harm’s way, increase uptime and optimize operational efficiencies.

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Messaging and Alerts

Effectively report any situation or system-wide incident whenever necessary.

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Keep a close eye on everybody everytime to improve safety and enhance operations.

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Fleet Management

Streamline the management of your radio fleet without interruptions.

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Telemetry with SCADA

Remotely monitor and control your mines, automatically identifying and isolating faults to quickly restore services.

Provides built-in security controls and reliability to ensure always-on, robust and flexible alerting.


Critical Connect for Interoperability with Other Networks


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Want to know more about Software?

Technology experts manage and support services

Cyber Resilience Services

Our approach to cybersecurity includes a holistic set of services spanning Risk Assessment and Consulting, Security Patching and Security Monitoring.

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Managed Services

Transfer all or part of your system operations to our managed services team to maximize performance and reduce risk.

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Extended Warranty for APX™ Consolettes

Provides technical support to troubleshoot problems and hardware repair to properly restore your consolette.

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Essential Services

Technical support when and where you need it, so you can maintain and restore your system.

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Advanced Services

Rely on us to monitor and update your network, providing improved network response and continuity.

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Premier Services

We will partner with you to create an operation and management plan that addresses your system performance goals and considers your current support resources.

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Allow Us to Understand Your Needs and Give You Our Best Personalized Proposal


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