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TRBOnet Alarm & Event Management

Increase safety and reduce response time

Trbonet alarm and event management enables for an automated response to different type of events in the system. Once the rule is created the system Track events and conditions and as soon as preprogrammed combination is Detected the response is triggered.


TRBOnet Alarm and Event Management allows to tune the system so that it monitors and detects events and the subscriber activity independently without dispatcher involvement and automatically responds if needed. The system decides on a better way to respond based on a pre-defined rules.

The solution helps to automate most of the routine tasks that saves time and enables instant data dispatch for more efficient work. Reaction can be an automatic calls / text / data into the RF or in other systems.

The system can be preprogrammed for various actions such as automatic calls, texts or data transfer into the RF or any other systems. Events can be received from radio network or outside of it. Radio behavior can also trigger the Alarm Management activation.

Alarm and Event Management scans the system for specific events and conditions and based on the preprogrammed rules trigger specific actions.

Additional Resources

• Automated response to specific events and conditions.

• Unlimited variations of rules.

• Custom rules to address specific needs.

• Independent work once the rules are programmed.

• Advanced level of network control.

• Reporting.

• General control over the radio system.

• Control of radio units: online/offline status, GPS connectivity.

• Alarms and sound notifications in case of abnormal activity detected, email reports and notifications.

• Job creation and assignment if the detected situation requires the supervison.

• Email or SMS reporting with location, date & event as a response to specific events.

• Remote telemetry activation and de-activation: automated calls, crosspatch, gates opening and more.

• Location control and geofence – radio unit is leaving or entering specific zones.

• Position of radio unit and its changes – orientation control for Man Down, acceleration control for Crush Detect.

• Filters by radio ID.

Radio Hardware / Releases Compatibility
MOTOTRBO radio with firmware 1.8 and above.

Computer Hardware / Operating Systems
Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows Server.

UDP/IP connection to repeaters for data, USB cable for Control Radios for voice, NAI Voice / Data.

MOTOTRBO System Architecture
Direct mode, Single MOTOTRBO repeaters, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus, Connect Plus.

Other Requirements Optional
Phone Interconnect module with SIP support enabled, Cell phone integration enabled (for SMS messages), Emails server enabled.