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Recording and beyond

Short response times are crucial in mission-critical situations. Bumicom provides the tools to reconstruct complete scenarios for after-the-fact evaluation leading to improvements for future missions.


Storavox is one of the most flexible communication recording solution available. The Storavox platform offers organizations the possibility to capture, store and replay different types of electronic communication by radio, phone, video and operator screens. Storavox provides interfaces for IP, TDM and hybrid environments. Storavox is based on a standard (virtual) server and database platforms to ensure flexibility, scalability, continuity, reliability, safety and seamless integration.

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• Fail-Safe Communications Recording for Mission-Critical Environments. Storavox provides full insight with flexible last call repeat, playback, incident reconstruction, operator evaluation and phonetic search in order to improve future missions. 

• Integrates with Motorola DIMETRA/MOTOTRBO. Integrates with the Motorola Dimetra and MOTOTRBO platforms to record all audio and metadata of communication on specified and registered radio resources such as Talkgroups and ISSI’s. Recordings can be retrieved based on: Talkgroup, ISSI (Radio ID, Radio Alias), Start Time, End Time and Call Duration. 


• Incident Reconstruction. Provides fast and efficient incident reconstruction with the display of recordings and metadata from relevant resources (voice, video, screen) on visual timeline.

• Evaluation and Training. Improve contacts using integrated quality monitoring tools for evaluation, training and coaching of operators.

• Search on What Has Been Said. Ability to search all recorded audio for specific words and phrases for investigation and compliance purposes.

• Fully supports recording of the Dimetra/MOTOTRBO platforms to capture all relevant audio and metadata.

• Records audio in its native (ACELP/AMBE) format to preserve quality and reduce storage requirements.

• Single recording server can connect to multiple radio systems.

• Redundant parallel recording with multiple recording servers.

• Supports mixed recording of IP, TDM signals and operator PC screens on a single platform.

• Highly scalable to 750 + concurrent recordings per server.

• Software only with support for virtual VMware® server infrastructure.

• Fits into a stand-alone and multi-site architecture through LAN/WAN infrastructure with transparent operation and system management.

• Provides a very user friendly GUI with secure (https) web based control.

• Extensive security features, password protected multi-level user access, encryption, fingerprinting and audit trails, to guard against unauthorized use and manipulation.

The solution for Dimetra is IP-based (software only) and connects to the Motorola Archive Interface Server (AIS).

The Storavox Recording solution for MOTOTRBO is a wireline connected IP-based (software only) recording solution.

Customer can provide standard Windows server platforms and workstations.