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SmartPTT Enterprise

MOTOTRBO™ voice & data dispatch software

Enables dispatchers to coordinate tasks efficiently with individual or groups of radio subscribers.

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SmartPTT Enterprise is a dispatch software application for distributed MOTOTRBO™ radio networks. Its functionalities include voice dispatch, GPS tracking, texting, job ticketing, voice recording, event logging and more. Optional features include interoperability, telephone interconnect, indoor location, web client and mobile application for remote system access. SmartPTT supports digital and analog features of the MOTOTRBO™ systems offering a seamless migration from analog to DMR.

SmartPTT is a software-based dispatch console installed on a Windows-based PC, which can be located at any distance from the controlled radio networks. The Dispatcher Console connects to the SmartPTT Radioserver(s) via IP to perform dispatching functions. The SmartPTT Enterprise Radioserver communicates to radio subscribers via IP (conventional repeaters and IPSC) or through a combination of IP and control stations connected by USB and audio cables (Capacity Plus, LCP and Connect Plus)

  • Personnel safety

  • Enhanced coordination of work

  • Rapid response to emergency

  • Efficient dispatching saves money due to reduced driving time, less wasted fuel, and labor savings.

  • Improve employees' radio etiquette
  • Highly customizable user interface and hot key support

  • Increased call capacity

  • Easy scalability from small to large distributed systems
  • Voice Dispatch

  • Voice Recording

  • Event Logging

  • Emergency Management

  • Interoperability

  • Telemetry

  • Fleet Administration

  • Job Ticketing

  • Rules & Alerts 

  • Custom Console 
  • Text Messages & Email

  • GPS Tracking

  • Radio Network Bridging

  • Indoor Tracking

  • Phone Interconnect

  • Wireline and Wireless Interfaces 

  • Network Monitoring

  • Web Console

  • Software Server Backup

Radio Hardware / Releases Compatibility

  • MOTOTRBO™ radios and repeaters that support the latest firmware updates

Computer Hardware/Operating Systems

  • Server Software: Intel Core i5 or better CPU, 4GB RAM, 190GB Enterprise SSD or HDD, 10/100/1000 Mbps network adapter; operating systems are Windows Server (2019, 2016, and 2012), Windows 11, Windows 10, and Windows 8.1.

  • Console Software: Intel Core i5 or better CPU, 4GB RAM, 128 GB Enterprise SSD or HDD, 1GB Graphics Card, 23″ or larger display (1366x768), speakerboxes, 10/100/1000 Mbps network adapter; operating systems are Windows 11, Windows 10, and Windows 8.1.

IP Technology

  • RoIP connection to MOTOTRBO™ radios using the dedicated gateway; wireline IP connection to MOTOTRBO™ repeaters; wireline IP connection to Capacity Max System Servers; wireline IP connection to XRC in Connect Plus.


  • For non-MOTOTRBO™ systems, GPIO interface is supported using the dedicated gateway. Support for Avigilon requires wireline IP connection to Avigilon ControlCenter.

System Architecture

  • Simplex systems, conventional systems

  • IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus, Connect Plus, Capacity Max

Other Requirements

  • Requires Microsoft SQL Server. Supports Tipro computers and speakerboxes.