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P25 Digital Portable Two-Way Radios


Focus on your operation, not your network with Motorola's ASTRO® 25 integrated voice and data network, a Project 25 standards based, mission critical seamless communication for vital public safety agencies. It allows agencies to interoperate with multiple internal agencies as well as neighboring communities for improved communications during everyday operations and disaster response.

The world’s most widely deployed P25 voice and data platform delivers reliable and always available communications you can trust in the most grueling environments. From single site systems to large state, region or country-wide systems, ASTRO® 25 can offer a scalable solution that is just right for your organization.


Portable Radios

Whether your need is conventional or high performance, we have a hand-held designed for you, from relaying simple operations to saving lives.
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ASTRO® 25 (P25) Network Mobile Radios

Efficiency, productivity and safety are vital for mobile teams. Rely on advanced technology engineered for demanding, mission-critical situations.
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ASTRO® 25 (P25) Network Site Equipment

Compact base stations and repeaters deliver constant communication between land-based operation centers and field teams so you’re never out of touch.
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ASTRO® 25 (P25) Network Encryption

Enhance the security of your voice communications and keep conversations private with advanced technology designed to protect sensitive operations.
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ASTRO® 25 Network Dispatch

Coordinating the critical information needed to respond in an emergency is the responsibility of the dispatcher and we offer a complete portfolio of equipment to help them do their job better.
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MOTOBRIDGE Interoperable IP Solution

An IP-based solution for quickly establishing communications between systems in support of emergency response and day-to-day operations.
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ASTRO® 25 (P25) Cores

The ASTRO 25 core is at the heart of a Motorola P25 IP system. Powerful servers and Motorola’s proven software are leveraged to reliably and cost-effectively support a variety of critical voice and data services.
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ASTRO® 25 (P25) Applications

Your world can be an unforgiving place. Make sure your systems are protected, two-way radios are up-to-date and your teams have access to the information they need. Regardless of the situation they face.
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P25 Base Stations and Repeaters

Every sudden or planned event requires rapid response. Various protocol compatibilities enable flexibility, no matter how restrictive the environment.
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