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Healthcare Solutions


Provide patient care without boundaries.

Extend mobility to the point of care and beyond with solutions that combine Motorola's world-class mobility products and healthcare software applications from our partners. Our healthcare solutions allow you to share real-time information anywhere, inside or outside the facility, for increased patient safety and more attentive care.

What's New: Solutions for Healthcare

Find out all the details on Motorola's latest healthcare solutions.
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Blood Transfusion Verification Solutions

Automate the management, tracking and verification of blood for transfusion — and reduce errors.
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Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions

Monitor patient vital signs and adjust medical equipment while moving throughout the healthcare facility.
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Medication Administration Solutions

Ensure that the right patient receives the right medication, the right dose, by the right route, at the right time.
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Healthcare Communication Solutions

Help caregivers spend more time with their patients.
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Specimen Collection Solutions

Protect and streamline the collection process to improve accuracy and speed test results.
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Asset Management and Tracking Solutions for Healthcare

Locate critical assets real-time for increased productivity, improved maintenance and better patient care.
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Mobile Physician Rounding Solutions

Access information, order tests, scan billable items and more – all from the patient's bedside.
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RFID Solutions for Healthcare

Track equipment, supplies and other assets more efficiently and manage them more effectively with RFID.
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