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You need to deliver the optimum in wireless network performance for your mobile users. When you choose Motorola as your Wireless LAN partner, you will. Motorola's expertly configured WLAN solutions unleash optimal in the performance of your networks, devices and applications, optimizing these interconnections with the broadest portfolio of voice, data and video solutions. Connect your workforce with wireless technology solutions and unleash optimal engagement, productivity and growth. Only from Motorola Solutions.

Wireless Solutions

Indoor Location

Track anything in your facility — from assets to your workforce — at whatever level you need: presence, zone and location.

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Take the pain out of BYOD with easy and secure network connections for workers, and complete control over worker-owned devices for IT.

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Remote Access

Give users in home offices high performance, secure access to whatever information they need in your business systems — no VPN required.

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Cloud Wireless

Plan, manage and secure your WLAN with Cloud Services that help make enterprise-class wireless LANs a cost-effective reality for small to mid-size businesses.

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Voice Over Wireless

Deliver high quality voice over your wireless LAN for any number of users with our advanced voice technologies.

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Video Over Wireless

Take advantage of video in your enterprise with video caching that protects network bandwidth, access points that can double as video cameras and more.

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Mobile Application Services

Host management and analytics applications right on our controllers and get the simplicity of a single window to manage your entire wireless solution.

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Mobile Data Offload

Create large public hotspots to offload bandwidth and increase service quality on cellular networks with our highly scalable WLANs.

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Our Wireless LAN Products

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Ethernet Wallplate Switches

AP 6511
ES 6510 Ethernet Wallplate Switch

The ES 6510 Ethernet Wallplate Switch is designed for wired LAN environments of dormitory and hotel guest rooms.

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T5 PowerBroadband
T5 PowerBroadband Solution

Give guests the high-speed in-room dependable Wi-Fi connection they crave for all their mobile devices, right over your existing telephone wiring.

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