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November 19, 2019

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Recommended Cleaning and Disinfecting Guidelines for our Repeaters, Gateways, Dispatch and Other Fixed Infrastructure

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Motorola Solutions Technical Notification (MTN)
TITLE: Recommended general Motorola Solutions base station, repeater, gateway, dispatch and other fixed infrastructure cleaning and disinfecting guidelines in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic
TECHNOLOGY: Motorola Solutions base station, repeater, gateway, dispatch and other fixed infrastructure
In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Motorola Solutions is providing recommended cleaning and disinfecting guidelines for our base station, repeater, gateway, dispatch and other fixed infrastructure products based on our current and best understanding of infrastructure equipment hygiene. Per global health authorities, removing germs, dirt and impurities from surfaces lowers the risk of spreading infection. Using chemical disinfectants may kill germs that remain on surfaces after cleaning, which further lowers the risk of spreading infection. 
Information from the WHO website: Getting your workplace ready for COVID-19
Information from the US CDC website: Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
General Cleaning:
Caution – Motorola Solutions systems may contain third-party hardware and other equipment.  Refer to the OEM websites and guidelines provided by these third-parties for specific instructions and restrictions for cleaning and disinfecting procedures for their hardware and equipment.
Warning – Base stations, repeaters, gateways, dispatch and other infrastructure products may be connected to hazardous voltage and/or energy sources.  Disconnect all products from energy sources prior to cleaning. Only trained service personnel should clean and disinfect infrastructure products.
  • Disconnect all infrastructure equipment prior to cleaning. Only trained service personnel should clean and disinfect infrastructure products.
  • Some equipment components can become hot during operation; wait until sufficiently cool before touching.
  • Caution must be used when cleaning equipment.  Not all equipment is hermetically sealed.  Take care that liquids and dirt are not pushed into the equipment fan grills, vents, speakers, connectors and other openings.  Equipment can be damaged if liquid enters the enclosure, and dust, dirt and debris may contain conductive materials that could create a failure.  If possible, use only deionized or distilled water to clean equipment.
  • Apply 0.5% detergent-water solution with a lightly damp cloth to outside equipment surfaces, handles, knobs, buttons and controls to remove surface dirt, dust and debris.  Wring out excess solution before cleaning to prevent pooling or entry of liquid into the electronics enclosure.  Remove any remaining detergent solution or residue with a second lightly damp cloth wetted with clean deionized or distilled water.
  • Use a soft, absorbent, lint free cloth or tissue to dry the device.  Make sure that no solution or water remains or is entrapped in any vents, connectors, cracks or crevices.  Equipment must be fully dry and free of all liquids before returning to service.        
  • Equipment may be disinfected by wiping it down with over-the-counter isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) with at least 70% alcohol concentration. 
  • When cleaning with isopropyl alcohol, the alcohol should never be applied directly to the device. It should be applied to a cloth, which is then used to wipe down the device.
  • The effects of certain chemicals and their vapors can have detrimental effects on plastics and the metal platings. 
Do not use bleach, solvents or cleaning sprays to cleanse or disinfect your equipment.
Motorola Solutions, Inc. is unable to, and did not; determine whether any particular cleaning product is effective in removing specific foreign substances (including viruses) from the equipment, nor whether any disinfectant will remove all germs or viruses. However, the above cleaners, disinfectants and processes have been approved for use by Motorola Solutions, Inc. related to their less degrading effect on the physical equipment. Please consult the chemical manufacturers’ documentation for specifics on cleaning product efficacy with regards to foreign substances (such as viruses).
For assistance with this bulletin please contact your MSI Technical Support Center:
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