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ACE1000 Remote Terminal Unit

Process Automation & Data Communication Simplified

Whether there is a leaking pipe or a damaged power grid breaker miles away from your control center, you need to know about it as soon as possible. Find peace of mind in technology that integrates seamlessly and connects to a variety of equipment ensuring reliable, well-timed process automation and monitoring over a large area.


You can’t be in multiple places at once, but with a easy to deploy supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) solution you can monitor and control your system as if you were.

The versatile ACE1000 will deliver the data communication and processing you need for a diverse set of applications, without having to completely replace your current operational technologies. In a new, compact package, the ACE1000 is the Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) that will facilitate higher greater productivity and safety quickly and easily.

Its powerful processor allows this RTU to be used in the most demanding SCADA environments.Easy to install and use with a web-based easy-programming tool, the ACE1000 RTU is great forstarting a new SCADA system or adding to an existing one.

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• Communicate Effortlessly. You need technology that works seamlessly with its software and connects to your equipment to ensure reliable, well-timed communications over a large area. You can’t be in multiple places at once, but with a reliable SCADA solution you can monitor your system as if you were.

• Compact and Rugged Design. The ACE1000 RTU is designed to withstand harsh conditions. Whether it’s installed at an offshore drilling platform or an Arctic power station, the environment won’t affect the performance of your system.

Seamless Configuration. The ACE1000 has the processing power to function in demanding environments. Its user-friendly configuration tools allow you to set up your whole system, making quick installation and configurations easier for new SCADA users.

Intelligent Performance. Complicated control processes can be time consuming. The ACE1000 allows you to automate processes such as multiple high speed control loops, event capture, and data storage, so you don’t need to spend time doing it yourself.

• Ready for the field RTU.

• Supports TETRA Packet Data.

• Easy-to-use programming tool for new SCADA users or quick installation.

• RTC Back-up Battery to ensure system reliability (at least 20 days at 25 °C).

• Large memory capability for storing and backing-up information (256 MB of low power FLASH Memory and 256 MB of Low power DDR Memory).

• Compliant with ATEX regulations (without radio, in ATEX approved enclosure).

• Powerful processing for demanding SCADA environments (9-30 VDC Input Voltage Range).

• Power-saving option for when environment is not as demanding.

• 3rd Party Modem Support. Cellular modem, leased line modem, data radio, and/or broadband radio support.

Radio Requirements of Systel TRIM systems – applicable for all Motorola TETRA radios.
Compatible with Dimetra IP Scalable.

• Chrome V43.0.2357 and above

• TETRA MTM5200/5400 (including databox)

Radio Requirements of Systel TRIM systems – applicable for all Motorola TETRA radios.
Compatible with Dimetra IP Scalable.

• TETRA systems which supports Packet data types (Dimetra IP Scalable, Compact, Micro)