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Logging Recorders

The ideal solution for contact centers that require high-quality applications and advanced management tools at an affordable price.

Scenario Relayâ„¢ is used across all logging recorders to seamlessly retrieve audio and data from radio and telephony communications. Recreate the communications around an incident, just as they happened.

  • MCC 7500 IP Logging Recorder

    A fully integrated and certified IP radio recording and replay solution for Motorola’s ASTRO ® 25 network.

  • Nice Inform-Lite

    The NICE Inform-Lite application can benefit Emergency Services Organizations, Transportation Control Centers and Utility organizations. Learn how you can save time, money and resources; mitigate risk and liability; improve processes, interoperability and accuracy; and comply with the most stringent legislative and security requirements.

  • NiceLog Recorder

    A high density platform that provides reliable audio and data capture, analysis and reconstruction for command and control centers.